Unification News for September 2005

Major Conferences

Michael Jenkins

Dear Family,

Several major conferences have been going on currently in Seoul. The United Nations Peacekeeping Korean War Memorial Federation (UPKMF) concluded on Friday. Veterans from sixteen nations gathered with us to memorialize those who were lost in the Korean war and to rekindle the committment of those 16 nations for the reunification of Korea. Those nations are Australia, Belgium,Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand,Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The American delegation was composed of 24 outstanding veterans who gave their blood for this central battle to stop communism and to prepare for the Peace Kingdom. Brothers and Sisters, there is something amazing about the veterans in terms of the spirit they bring when gathered together. They were young men then, and many came out of duty. So many gave everything to secure peace for the world. Many tears were shed and many deep testimonies came forth. Over 250 gathered from the 16 nations. It was the first time that such a delegation came together that represented all the nations who sent troops into battle representing the UN.

Many were prisoners of war. They could understand Father's prison course in Hung Nam prison for 2 years and 8 months. Quite a number were recipients of the purple heart. The trip was a combination of visits to the DMZ and other memorial sites that were of significance. We also visited and were welcomed by the 6th Infantry division of the ROK Army. When we arrived at the base on the border of the North and South they welcomed us waving the flags of the 16 nations.

The Central director of the UPKMF is Dr. Son, who is also international head of the Professors World Peace Academy. Dr. Son is a member of the 777 blessed couples. His leadership was excellent. He understood Father's heart and idea for this historic endeavor. Dr. Lee, who is very well known as a scholar and head of influential organizations for the Unification of Korea has been appointed by Father as President. General Lello of South African is now the current head of the International Association of Korean War Veterans and is know to all veteran associations. (This is not a group we started). His presence as a core leader of the adisory committee. This also contributed to the wide acceptance of the UPKMF. Our continental director Dr. Chang Shik Yang is also one of the special representatives. He helped to guide the conference very well and helped the Korean generals and the congressman to understand this historic work.

Also interesting was the support from key Korean Political and Military leaders. General Cho and General Kim along with Congressman Chi, all who carry great influence have become the core advisory committee of the UPKMF. This meant that everywhere our delegation went official welcome was secured from the military at each place.

Also in support of this effort were the 16 "special advisors" that Father appointed as Ambassadors of True Parents to the 16 nations. These national "Peace King / Ambassadors" also supported this historic conference. Somehow the 16 nations that gathered 55 years ago to unify Korea were successful at stoping communism from taking over all of Korea, but unfortunately they could not secure the whole nation. Therefore the 16 nations are reassembling now to complete the work that was to be done, that is the peaceful reunification of Korea. This time not by war, but by the creation of a movement to support, educate and embrace the people of the North together with the South. The peaceful reunification has begun. The coordinator / MC of the effort was Mr. Jim Flynn, President of the AFC in America. Ms. Gail Paine was our special coordinator for the American veterans. As always, his work was excellent and of the highest quality.

Lecture presentations were given to the veterans by Dr. Walsh, myself, and a number of IIFWP representatives. Finally Rev. Kwak guided the veterans and gave them the gift of the Holy juice and blessing. This was great moment.

At the final banquet many were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace. A new era has dawned. Particularly inspiring to the veterans was the education they received concerning the fact that the Korean war was not a simple "political" conflict but became the most central battle line between the forces of atheistic communism and the God affirming free world. Therefore it could be said that this war was a Holy struggle that had great bearing on the course of history and the free world. What was also significant was the reality of what they saw in terms of the work of our movement and True Parents to embrace the North in the last 15 years. Based on the theme of loving your enemy our movement has become an important contributor to the peace process.

These veterans are people of strong families and strong moral values. For them it was an enormous breath of fresh air to hear the UPKMF basic philosophy that promotes strong families and respect for all races and peoples. Many took it to heart that the same methodology must also be applied to the battle with terrorism. The battle must not be fought now with weapons, but rather with Truth and Love.

There are many many testimonies, we will be sharing them with you. God was present and acknowledged everywhere and the veterans loved it. Democracy without God can lead mob rule, however Democracy as that which was created in America that is founded on the underpinnings of faith and "we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal" are essential to realize the dream of self governance. Only those who are internally governed by moral principles and faith in God can truly manifest a just society. Without God, we are simply material beings with no higher authority, with God the principles that are inherent in all of nature become the spiritual foundation for holding us together as a people of all races, religions and cultures. Amazingly, the veterans understood this very well.

There were many moving experiences. Mr. Robert Steele a Korean war veteran and his son John a veteran of the U.S. Army. They were on the tour and demonstrated a great depth of heart and sincerity. They really expressed their love for the Korean people and the hope they felt to see that their sacrifices were not in vain.

One veteran suddenly at dinner began sobbing and sobbing while sitting with Archbishop Stallings (Peace King Ambassador to Thailand). He shared that he so much had become clear for him now. He didn't believe in God before this trip and the war never made sense to him. But on this day he proclaimed he had discovered God and realized what they were fighting for. Another veteran shared that the most encouraging thing for him was to see a "twinkle" in the eyes of the Korean people now. He remembered so vividly that there was only total despair and hopelessness before during the war. Another shared how he had been on an advance team to "call in" artillery and he was deep inside enemy lines. Bodies were everywhere and his small unit of a few men came upon a Korean mother who was tightly grasping her two young children. All three had died together. They could not know who died first, the children or the mother. But the veteran testified when he heard Father's talk about True Love this memory came into his mind and he immediately was deep in tears. Even though the time on that hill for this unit was so urgent as the waves of Chinese were coming in a short time, they all felt the spirit of God. They felt we must lay this beautiful Korean mother to rest with her children. We must give her honor and dignity. They buried there with her children and were overwhelmed with the feeling that they must pray to God to sanctify their resting place. He wept as he shared this testimony.

The Turkish brigade that were praised by General MacArthur and President Eisenhower for their bravery and great fighting spirit went to Pusan with our delegation to the UN cemetery. There they were looking at the graves of their comrades from Turkey and they found their best friend. They had grown up together from grade school. Four of them. They did everything together as boys, in sports, in school, these four were inseparable. Four went to Korea for the war. Three came back. They never knew what happened to their friend and brother. It always left a deep emptiness in their hearts. Suddenly at the UN site in Pusan, they found his grave site with his name. They all began to cry. They had finally found their buddy and their friend, they prayed and they thanked God that they could "visit" him one last time. They felt they were totally liberated and that he also was liberated. They could finally begin the period to heal their hearts.

These were just a small tip of the iceberg of what went on with these beautiful men who fought against communism to lay the foundation to secure the Fatherland.

I am very grateful to the Korean War veterans. I am deeply deeply moved by their spirit. They are so strongly encouraged by True Parents and this new association.

Our beautiful NJ contingent Joe, Jerry and Albert are great Americans (Rev. Dairo Ferraboli's friends). They are ready to to get American Korean War Veterans in the "movement" of the UPKMF.

I sincerely thank Father Moon for his incredible vision and understanding of how to catch the hearts of those who sacrificed so much. We pray that the 16 will now make a great contribution to the Unification of the Fatherland.

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