Unification News for September 2005

A Journey through the Week of Summer of Service 2005

by Shawna Pace

We began on June 10th at the West Charlotte Recreation Center in Charlotte where we helped with the Violence Prevention program with other kids in their community.

The Next day, Service for Peace (SFP) along with Hopewell Young Life, from Hopewell High School, assisted in the opening of a new Goodwill Store in Charlotte. Here is a comment by a first time SFP volunteer named Ben from Africa. "I was extremely impressed with the hard work and teamwork that Service For Peace showed."

On June 12, our group gathered at the Doggie Day Out event, which supported the Gateway Village YMCA of Charlotte, NC. Everyone had fun washing the dogs and because of our hard work we were offered Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.

The next day our group traveled 90 miles West toward Winston Salem. We worked alongside with the youth from Christ Rescue Temple Church and the youth from the housing projects where we collected trash at the apartments known as the "Housing Authority of Winston Salem." SFP youth leaders gave presentation about leadership and showed a video about the global projects that SFP is involved with all over the world. Our work was well received. Later we crowded into the Pizza Hut for complimentary lunch.

On June 14, we left for a few local churches; Christ Rescue Temple, Inglesia Christian, and Cornerstone Baptist Church. There we did various projects: landscaping, moving, and painting.

On June 15 , we again set forth to Durham and the Capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh. We first gathered at the Durham Rescue Mission where we were educated on the history of the building. This place was founded by 1974 by volunteers that strived to help drug addicts to get back with reality. SFP was divided into two groups. One group known as the "Gatorade Cooler Tops," was assigned the task of cleaning up the Great Samaritan Inn which will be opening soon to 120 families and women. The other group called the "North Carolina Finest" ( which I was the leader of ) set into trucks where donated items were bagged.

One of our SFP journalist asked Joseph Foster, the assistant Volunteer Coordinator, what he thought of SFP. ' He looked at me, chuckled and said, "Are you kidding? You guys are the ones that make this happen. I'm just in awe of this."

The next day, we drove to Raleigh and again had two groups. The first group was with Helping Hands Mission and the second group painted new houses with Habitat for Humanity.

This wasn't a week of just work, although we worked hard, we also played hard. A lot of fun was involved by playing basketball, soccer and volleyball. We offered awards to people that displayed key qualities such as leadership, outreach, teamwork and ownership.

The last day, we summoned to Jordan Lake. The lake felt wonderful under the hot summer sun. Again, we had lunches made by our supporting parents. Swimming, laughing and playing volleyball and just goofing around was a great conclusion to our week of Summer of Service for 2005. You can see and feel how close we had gotten to each other.

That day, we left for home, tired but truly content and satisfied of our perseverance and diligence.We were looking forward to next year of Summer of Service . GO..... SERVICE FOR PEACE!!!!!!

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