Unification News for September 2005

Save Dr Bo Hi Pak

In Jin Moon
August 2005

InJin Nim's Letter to Members

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I feel compelled to write this letter concerning Dr. Pak's incarceration due to the tragic nature of the case and the strange turn of events that is keeping him in prison. One thing that I'd like to make clear from the beginning is that Dr. Pak has neither asked nor encouraged me to write this letter on his behalf. Frankly, I have not spoken to him for the past several years. But I know, having spoken to different members of his family, that Dr. Pak is truly sorry for the events that led up to his arrest and for bringing shame and embarrassment to his family, the brothers and sisters of the movement, and my own family.

Dr. Pak knows that he has made a terrible mistake in following bad investment advice from people with criminal motives and he takes full responsibility for his mistakes. If reprieve is not forthcoming, he will carry out his sentence faithfully to the end. After all, first and foremost, Dr. Pak is a soldier. He will live and die on whatever battlefield he finds himself. He has faithfully served his country during the Korean War as a Colonel and he has continued that service for God and True Parents over the course of five decades. Regardless of what battles await him, Dr. Pak will continue to live and fight for the cause that his heart has chosen with dignity, courage, and honor.

As a sister to my brother Dr. Pak, however, I cannot be at peace knowing that a beloved leader of our heavenly community is needlessly behind bars. Regardless of how people might feel about the circumstances that led to his arrest, the bottom line is that he is one of our own. How can we be a movement that turns our head away from a brother in need of our forgiveness, help, and love? Should we not forgive our brother's lapse in judgment? Let us not forget my father's call to forgive, love, and unite during the Watergate scandals in order to help President Nixon survive his Presidency. My father understood that Nixon was more than a man. He was a symbol of this nation. Likewise, Dr. Pak is not just a man. For many, he is a symbol of a faithful public servant carrying out his duties as a prominent elder of our church. He is the face of Rev. Moon's most loyal disciple.

Thus, Dr. Pak's embarrassment is our own and his incarceration is an embarrassment to my father, Rev. Moon. Who can claim that he or she has never made mistakes in the course of his or her life? No one is perfect in that sense. Dr. Pak made a terrible mistake entrusting his faith in certain church members who introduced him to the fraudulent deal and believing that he possessed immunity from harm because he is God's and True Parent's disciple. As naïve as this may sound, it could have happened to anyone. It could have happened to either you or me.

As a daughter of Rev. Moon, moreover, I cannot sit quietly and watch the world belittle my father as a callous and an uncaring person. Ever since the first news break on Dr. Pak's situation, I have been bombarded with questions and looks of disbelief from numerous friends and associates who see my father as a man without principles for letting a loyal follower, a friend, and a member of the Reverend's family through marriage, sit and rot away in prison. They ask why my father cannot find it in himself to forgive and help his in-law. They ask why my father allows certain individuals to advise his every move to the detriment of the very religion he has founded. They say that my father is an insecure man destroying the very visible disciple who helped him, along with other faithful followers, build the church. They ask why Dr. Pak is denied the hope of forgiveness and deliverance. They ask why millions are raised and spent on the promise of buying one's salvation with no regard for thinking beyond one's immediate family and lineage. They ridicule our church's feeding frenzy in wanting to liberate ancestors when one of our Elders is trapped in prison in need of immediate and desperate liberation.

Everyone is waiting for my father to act and save my father-in-law from prison. Why should this be the burden of my father alone? Why can't we help? In fact, why can't we take care of this problem by raising the money needed to get Dr. Pak out of prison? My father is a noble man, despite the fact that his inaction makes him look like a heartless leader. A king is only as good as the advisers with whom he surrounds himself and my father is no exception. He is making the best decision with the reports and advice that are made available to him by current leaders. This is the reason why I have put together a Save DP website where anyone interested in the case can have the facts at their fingertips.

As a mother of my children, furthermore, I want to raise my children in a movement that is worthy of their respect and devotion. Our children need heroes to inspire them. The young people of our movement need first generation examples of undying loyal service to True Parents and God that our elders have shown in their life of faith. Our young ones need to see and experience the admiration and appreciation awarded to old timers of our church who have sacrificed everything for the Providence. Our children need to know that their service to God will be remembered in the twilight years of their life as a badge of honor and not as a reason for resentment and regret.

But what kind of lessons are to be gleaned from the lack of action that our church is taking in regard to Dr. Pak's predicament? The church asks members for a lifetime of loyalty and service to God and True Parents. If so, shouldn't the church take care of those who have sacrificed their lives by returning the same loyalty and service that it has receive over the years? Who wants to dedicate his or her life to a movement that uses people and tosses them aside the minute that person becomes a liability? How can we discard one of the most visible followers of our True Parents when we're in the business of salvation and redemption? If my father can forgive the dastardly crimes of Hitler, Mussolini and etc, surely Dr. Pak should be forgiven. And if not, what does it say about our church? Obviously we are not a church that puts murderers' salvation before our elder who was simply deceived by unsavory scam artists.

We must take care of our elders who have come before us. They gave their lives to the Providence and we must allow and facilitate a respectful retirement in old age. A community that does not respect its elders will be a community without an appreciation for a sense of communal history and belonging. How can we expect our children to care for us in our old age when we have not done the same for our elders? How will they learn to be any better?

There is an old adage in Korean that says God's will is spoken through the people. So then, what are we, as the people of this movement, going to say? What would God our father say to his prodigal son who has embarrassed the family? What would you say if Dr. Pak were your son, your brother or your father? Should we not as a community of believers come together and lend a helping hand?

It is precisely during trying times that bonds of love and understanding are tested. If our movement is indeed a family then we have a moral obligation to help our brother in need. We cannot sit silently, letting our inaction speak louder than words. We cannot let the world criticize our True Father as a cold and a malicious man. We cannot let our elder brother, Dr. Pak, waste away in prison.

I know that so many members want to help. They just don't know how. They thought that there was very little they could do to alter Dr. Pak's situation. But when the truth of the case was shared with different brothers and sisters of our community, I have been moved time and time again by their beautiful hearts and their willingness to do whatever it takes to liberate my father-in-law. And in the grand tradition of the True Family, I am asking for nothing short of a miracle. I believe that we can raise the funds necessary to guarantee Dr. Pak's release from prison. I believe that we can accomplish our goal without burdening my father with pleas for help.

Please contribute as generously as your heart dictates.

For the sake of this effort, I have put together a CD called Crimson Sketches. This is a home made cause-driven product, an offering from my family to help raise funds needed to save Dr. Pak. I'm not delusional in my old age to think that I'm a professional singer or a fine musician. It's just an expression of my heart, mere sketches of feelings in the course of one's life. It's not a confessional piece of work or a diary etched in song. It is what it is.

Thank you so much for your hard work over the years. We, as members of the True Family, are grateful for your sacrifice and service. I truly hope that we can pull together as a community to save Dr. Pak. I believe that the fate of this brother is in our hands.

Web Sites:


Dr. Bo Hi Pak's Trial and Incarceration in Korea


For the past several years Dr. Pak has been working on some projects to raise a large endowment fund for the continued operation of the Korean Cultural Foundation, the Little Angels and the Universal Ballet. In addition he was trying to set up a new foundation called "The Korean Peoples Unification Foundation" in order to promote and realize the dream of the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. He had many other ideas and programs that he wanted to realize for the spiritual and ethical revitalization of the Korean people. As anyone who is acquainted with Dr. Pak knows he is an irrepressible man of action to whom retirement or idleness is an impossibility.

For these reasons he was desperately pursuing some ill advised and ill-fated fundraising schemes introduced to him by some church members. To make a long story short Dr. Pak became a victim of international criminal scam artists who defrauded him of all of his money with the promise of huge financial support to the foundations.

When Dr. Pak's personal financial resources were exhausted he began to borrow money from people around him. When this money was also exhausted, with the aid of unscrupulous Korean middlemen, Dr. Pak borrowed large sums of money from unknown Korean businessmen. Dr. Pak also thought and believed with 100% faith that each delivery of up front money would be the last and that his dreams would be realized. Tragically this was not to be.

Arrest and Trial

On July 20, 2004 the Eastern Seoul District Prosecutor imprisoned Dr. Pak and charged him with financial fraud because he was unable to repay his debts to the Korean businessmen. Although it is true that Dr. Pak borrowed large sums of money from various businessmen and lenders in order to realize his fundraising schemes he of course was not trying to swindle them or to enrich himself.

The trial took place from August 20, 2004 to May 20, 2005, an unusually long time, because the prosecutors took so long to investigate each of the complaints and to bring an indictment.

On May 6, 2005 the prosecutor requested a 12 year prison term from the Court. This was an extraordinarily harsh requested sentence for the type of crime being tried and given the character of the defendant. Dr. Pak has never been on trial for a criminal offense before. He of course has never been convicted of any crime of any kind. He is a well known and well respected patriot and church leader who has received numerous awards from around the world. Of the 3 original creditors who filed complaints one complainant withdrew their complaint and petitioned the court to give Dr. Pak a favorable judgment. On May 20, 2005, the 3 judges on the bench handed down a conviction and a sentence of 5 years imprisonment.

The verdict is a travesty. In the Korean legal system one can be found guilty of criminal financial fraud for being unable to repay loans even though there was no intent to defraud. Everyone involved in Dr. Pak's case including the creditors acknowledge that Dr. Pak never had any intent to steal their money or to enrich himself. He never lied or deceived any of the creditors and freely told them he needed the money to send abroad to pay for the expenses of fund raising . Yet he was still found guilty of financial fraud.

Dr. Pak has appealed to the Seoul court of appeals and the case will be retried over the next four months.

What Will It Take To Get Dr. Pak Released From Prison?

In order for Dr. Pak to have the best chance to be released from prison it is necessary to make settlements with his creditors. (Several creditors have already been settled and resolved completely without criminal charges being filed.) The amount required to make settlements with all remaining creditors without receiving any discount would be about $5.0 million. Any reductions, discounts or abeyances that can be negotiated with the creditors would reduce this figure . There is a good possibility that settlements can be reached and Dr. Pak cleared of his financial difficulties and released from prison with about $3 to $4 million. Even if all the money cannot be found any sums raised and used to make settlements or paid to the court as restitution funds will help to lower the sentence and get an early release for Dr. Pak.

Dr. Pak and his family's finances have already been completely consumed and depleted. Dr. Pak's family with the support of many wonderful people, has been able to settle and eliminate many creditors already. They are working frantically now to work out arrangements with the remaining creditors but without additional finances the outlook is very bleak. Now is the time for all the people around the world who love and respect Dr. Pak to rally to his aid.

Dr. Pak has been in Korean prison for one full year already. We cannot allow such a great champion of God's providence and wonderful humanitarian to continue to suffer month after month and to be put out of commission. Not only is his incarceration a terrible waste to the world and the Korean nation especially at this important juncture of North South relations but at 75 Dr. Pak is no longer a young man and he has several medical conditions which make his incarceration dangerous.

Please pray for Dr. Pak and keep him in your mind and hearts. Get the message out to others who might be able to help. Let's create a miracle and liberate Dr. Pak from this desperate and intolerable situation.

With everyone's help Dr. Pak can be saved!

Biography of Dr. Bohi Pak

Born on August 18, 1930, Dr. Bohi Pak's life and career can only be summed up as extraordinary. Having joined the Korean army at age 19, he worked his way up the ranks and received several medals, including the Gold Star Hwa-Rang Medal for Meritorious Service and Bravery in Combat. After a decade and a half of service, he was honorably discharged in 1964 as lieutenant colonel.

In 1962, he created "The Little Angels" performing arts troupe, eventually establishing The Little Angels Arts School (later renamed Sun-Hwa Arts School). Over the next 40 years, Dr. Pak organized 37 tours, where The Little Angels performed in more than 40 nations worldwide, including an historic trip to Pyongyang, North Korea.

From the late seventies through the nineties, in addition to heading the Little Angels and Universal Ballet Company, he held several notable positions in the publishing arena as the inaugural President and Publisher of News World (later renamed the New York City Tribune), Noticias del Mundo, a New York-based, Spanish daily and the Washington Times Corporation.

Furthermore, in addition to receiving numerous medals for outstanding military service, he also received numerous Certificates of Appreciation from reputable political figures, including President Truman, President Eisenhower, President Nixon, and HRH Queen Elizabeth II. In 2002, the Republic of Korea awarded him the National Cultural Silver Metal for Contribution toward the Promotion of National Prestige.


1937 - 1943 Yum-Ti and Do-Go Elementary Schools

1943 - 1946 Chon-An Agricultural High School

1947 - 1950 Elementary school teacher, Do-Go Elementary School

1961 - 1965 Study part-time at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. -


1950 Jun 01 Enter Korean Military Academy as a cadet.

1950 Jun 25 Sent into combat as a cadet upon the outbreak of the Korean War twenty-five days later.

1950 Oct 21 Graduate Korean Military Combined School and commissioned as a second lieutenant in Republic of Korea army.

1950 - 1952 Assigned to the 28th Regiment, 9th Division; serve as platoon leader and company commander in combat during the Korean War.

1952 March-September: study in the United States at the U.S Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia.

1952 - 1955 October 1952 return to Korea and serve in Korean Army Infantry School as instructor until 1955.

1955 - 1956 Study English at the Army School for Military Attaches.

1956 - 1957 Receive advanced training, U.S. Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia.

1957 - 1959 Serve as Special Assistant to Chief of U.S. Military Advisory Group, Seoul, Korea.

1960 - 1961 Serve as Special Assistant to vice Minister of Defense, Seoul, Korea.

1961 - 1964 Serve as Assistant Military Attache, Korean Embassy, Washington, D.C.

1964 Oct Honorable discharge from military service with the rank of lieutenant colonel.


1962 May Create "The Little Angels" Performing Arts Troupe.

1964 Sept. Found the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation, Inc. with the support of former President Eisenhower and Ambassador You Chan Yang.

1965-Present Inaugural President, Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation, Inc., Washington, D.C. Principal sponsors of Radio of Free Asia, The Little Angels, and Children's Relief Fund.

1965 - 2000 Directly organize, lead and direct 37 Tours of The Little Angels to 40 nations around the globe.

1966 Aug Establish Radio of Free Asia.

1969 Dec Establish the Korean Cultural Foundation, Inc. in Seoul Korea.

1969 - 2004 Inaugural Chairman and President, Korean Cultural Foundation, Inc., Seoul, Korea. KCF produces the Little Angels and the Universal Ballet Company in Seoul, Korea. 1973 - 1975 Principal, the Little Angels Arts School, Seoul, Korea (later to become the Sun-Hwa Arts School).

1975 - 1994 Inaugural Chairman and President, Sun-Hwa Educational Foundation, Seoul, Korea. Sun-Hwa operates the Kyungbok Elementary School, the Sun-Hwa Arts Middle School and the Sun-Hwa Arts High School.

1976 Oct Establish the Sun-Hwa Arts High School.

1976 - 1990 Inaugural President and Publisher, the News World daily newspaper in New York City (later renamed the New York City Tribune).

1978 Dec Acquire and integrate Kyungbok Elementary School.

1978 - 1995 Inaugural President, World Media Association.

1980 - 1992 Inaugural President and Publisher, Noticias Del Mundo, New York Spanish-language daily newspaper.

1981 - 2002 Inaugural President, CAUSA International.

1982 - 1992 Inaugural Chairman and President, the Washington Times Corporation. Publisher of:

- The Washington Times daily newspaper

- Insight weekly magazine

- World & I monthly academic journal

1982 - 1997 Inaugural Chairman of the Board, the Washington Times Corporation. 1983 - 1997 Inaugural Chairman, Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA).

1986 - 2004 Inaugural President, Universal Ballet Foundation, sponsors of the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C.

1987 - 1997 Inaugural President, World Peace Foundation.

1987 May Convene inaugural meeting of the Summit Council for World Peace in Seoul, Korea.

1990 Apr Convene the 11 th World Media Conference in Moscow, USSR.

Convene the 3 rd Summit Council for World Peace, Moscow, USSR.

Convene the 9 th meeting of the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA), Moscow, USSR.

1990 - 2003 Inaugural Chairman and CEO, Panda Motors Corporation in the United States, Hong Kong, and China.

1991 - 1994 President and Publisher, Segye Ilbo daily newspaper, Seoul, Korea.

1991 Jul Chairman, Federation for Victory over Communism.

Chairman, National Association for North South Reunification.

1991-2004 Co-Chairman, Federation of World Peace.

1996-2004 Co-Chairman, Federation of Island Nations for World Peace in Japan.

1997-Present Chairman emeritus, the Washington Times Corporation.

1998-Present Honorary Chairman, Asian People's Federation, Tokyo, Japan.


1957 Feb 17 Become a member of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HAS-UWC) commonly known as the Unification Church.

1965 Jan 05 Establish the Unification Church of Washington D.C.

1971-1994 Special Assistant to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Founder of the Unification Church.

1974 Director and Principal Evangelist of the Unification Church World Evangelical Crusades.

1997-1991 Inaugural Chairman of Unification Church International Foundation. -----------


1951 Aug 15 Hwa-Rang Medal for Meritorious Service in Combat. The Republic of Korea.

1953 Jun 25 Gold Star Hwa-Rang Medal for meritorious Service and Bravery in Combat. The Republic of Korea.

1957 Jul 15 Meritorious Citation from the ROK Infantry School Superintendent.

1959 May 30 Meritorious Citation from the Chief of the US Military Advisors Group.

1960 Jan 30 Meritorious Citation from the Minister of Defense, ROK.

1963 Sep 30 Certificate of Appreciation from former President Harry S. Truman.

1963 Oct 01 Meritorious Citation from the Prime Minister of the ROK.

1964 Oct 16 Meritorious Citation from the Chairman of the Combined Chief of Staffs.

1965 Sep 25 Certificate of Appreciation from former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

1970 Dec 15 Certificate of Appreciation from the Chairman of the Washington National Press Club.

1971 Jan 04 Certificate of Appreciation from President Richard M. Nixon.

1971 Feb 01 National Medal, Dong-Baek for Outstanding Service and Contribution Made in the Cultural Field. The Government of the Republic of Korea.

1971 Nov 30 Certificate of Appreciation from HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

1984 Honorary Doctorate Degree "Honoris Causa in the Humanities." In recognition of Meritorious Service to Humanity, conferred by La Plata Catholic University of Argentina.

1990 For Contributions to International Peace, honored with the Investiture of "Academic" by the Mexican Academy of International Law.

1991 Nominated to Who's Who in U.S. Business and Who's Who in International Business as an outstanding business executive.

1992 The Order of Liberty and Unity for contributions toward Hemispheric Unity and the Promotion of Intercultural Exchange by the Association for the Unity of Latin America.

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