Unification News for July 2005

Thanks, America

by Michael Jenkins

Dr. Yang and I wish to express our sincere gratitude for the total support and sacrifice for the Four City Tour. It was a great success. Each city went way beyond their past efforts and all was accomplished in a little over 7 days. The attendance was magnificent and the satellite sites that received a webcast produced very beautiful testimonies and helped complete the offering.

Father and Mother were deeply moved, first by the attitude and heart of the American movement. It was great show of confidence that Father would give such a goal with so little time to fulfill and then invite the 12 key leaders from Korea and 12 from Japan as well as 3 from each continent to tour with him to "witness" Father's foundation in America. He trusted us and together we fulfilled. I personally want to thank Dr. Yang for his trust in us and the flexibility that was given to choose the best possible venue for each city. His communication with Father is very honest and sincere. He has absolute faith in True Parents gives no resistance to Father's direction, whatever it is. This heart of filial piety allows Father to receive a steady stream of direction from heaven (which of course is constant) while being able to give this direction to us knowing that the opportunity that it brings won't be missed. Though we are not enough and never perfectly fulfill, the heart of filial piety and total commitment internally can and does bridge the gap so that our offering can be accepted by heaven and protected from accusation. This is the way Dr. Yang relates with Abonim. I am learning this way. It is the way of the heart.

The American movement is growing immensely in this way - the heartfelt support of our family is the critical condition in the offering. Such a broad and widespread support for True Parents was manifested from Blessed Couples. We are inspired and energized.

We sincerely thank all the Regional and Vice Regional Directors and the AFC leaders in particular for being the backbone of each event. The success of the speaking tour was accomplished through the efforts and leadership at each city with the complete support of the block: in New York, Rev. In Hoi Lee and his leadership team, including Rev. Bruce Grodner and Mr. Alan Inman; in Washington DC, Rev. John Hong along with Rev. Kevin McCarthy and Rev. Randy Francis; in Chicago, Bishop Ki Hoon Kim supported by Mr. David Rendel, Rev. Bruce Sutchar and many others; and finally in Los Angeles, Rev. Baek Joong Ku with Rev. Tim Henning, Rev. Godwin D'Silva, and the great team in the Western Block. Father was very very joyful on the final morning in LA. He asked all to thank and clap for Dr. Yang for the success as the Continental Director.

Thank you to every blessed family that answered the call - through prayer support, through donations, through inviting guests and taking care of children so others could go to the front line and supporting the events in each city. Our efforts together in unity with True Parents' heart and sacrifice secured this important providential victory. We especially thank the EG security. We cannot mention names but they will be forever recognized by history for their unsung heroic sacrifices to protect the True Family and all of us.

We also thank Mr. Jim Flynn who co-directed this effort with me handling the education of the Ambassadors for Peace, along with Mrs. Karen Smith in New York and Dr. Frank Kaufmann in all four cities. They all did excellent work in the two days of education that was offered to our core Ambassadors for Peace. This strengthens our resolve.

Rev. Joshua Cotter - President of CARP and VP of FFWPU fully engaged our youth movement and with me directly attended our True Parents. He knows Father's heart and his comittment is total. This helps to surround True Parents with American leaders who have the same heart as our Korean elders, no concepts and no barriers. We can and will fulflll the heavenly providence.

Mrs. Alexa Ward - President of Women's Federation for World Peace, VP of FFWPU played a key role in the NY VIP outreach and the support of women leaders throughout the country.

Rev. Phillip Schanker - VP of FFWPU and Education Director, brought Father's life story to light with the video (thanks to Simon Kinney). Rev. Schanker also played a key role with extensive media outreach.

Rev. Levy Daugherty - VP of FFWPU and Secretary General of the ACLC, organized and educated the National Executive Committee Support team of 15 clergy. Their attitude of faith and heart to Father deeply inpired True Parents. Father commented one morning that he can see that the clergy are understanding Father's mission and ministry and therefore America will soon change as they become more and more bold and courageous.

Mr. David Eaton brought his expertise and skill in production to every city, and played a key role in assuring the quality and effective execution of the program at each event.

Mr. Michael Balcomb - President of SFP USA led our Media effort. Much thanks. It was a good beginning. A number of good stories were created.

Particularly of interest was Father's proposal for the World Peace King Bridge and Tunnel to cross the Bering Strait from Alaska to Russian allowing the continents to be connected. This got a lot of attention.

The staff should be commended - Rev. James Stewart, Rev. Mark Hernandez, Mr. Chris Stein and many others helped the national traveling team. Joe Leonard and George Kazakis supported the international group of 42.

Our Ambassadors for Peace and Clergy have grown so much. They are rapidly, with the support of the spirit world, coming to understand Father. The devlopment of the clergy, Jewish, Christian and Muslim was profound. The civic leaders support also was outstanding. True Parents gave beautiful ties to each of the national support team members of clergy that did interviews and stood in total support. This allowed for profound interaction between all the clergy across the country.

This single one week effort brought the best of our allies and Ambassadors for Peace together and all of our Blessed Families. The Second Generation did a great job and inspired Father everywhere he saw them. It gave Father a renewed hope for the nation. We sincerely thank Guyokla and the Native American family for supporting True Parents all the way.

We thank in particular the three Abrahamic faith leaders Rabbi Waldman (Judaism) who blew the shofar signaling the time of the Messiah, Imam Salahuddin (Islam) who proclaimed that the Messiah had come and Rev. Jesse Edwards (Christianity) who confirmed it.

Also, words cannot describe the impact of the expression and heart of Archbishop Stallings in his John The Baptist Role. He has fulfilled an enormous responsibility in receiving the blessing and developing with Sayomi san a blessed family.

Dr. McLeod, Bishop Nelson, Rev. Rawls, Bishop Pugh and many of the National executive committee taught and spoke well of the coming Kingdom. Rev. Rawls, Rev. Gray, Rev. Willis and Bishop Pugh came early and did "advance" work. The national traveling team were there every morning at 5 am in each city. They were amazed at Father's real lifestyle. Rev. Daryl Gray of Canada chaired the press conferences which included Rev. Fauntroy and many other prominent clergy. He said this is the most important movement in the world at this time.

One of the greatest experiences was to travel with Hyung Jin Nim, Yeon Ah Nim, Alex and Sun Jin Nim and Shin Jeon (True Parents Grandson) Their attendance and the heart to heart exchange they shared with the clergy exemplified how much True Parents teaching of True Love is real as it extends through their family. One particularly moving moment was when Hyung Jin Nim sincerely thanked Rev. and Mrs. Edwards for paying the indemnity necessary to allow the white clergy to come forward. Hyung Jin Nim deeply appreciated them and was very sensitive and well aware of their suffering course and immense persecution. Thank you Hyung Jin Nim and True Family!

America is secured on another level. Let us begin from this moment to multiply the intense True love for America that was initiated through this tour so that America will now rise up with incredible love and embrace all of Russia, Asia, the Middle East and all the world.

With love and confidence that the Elder Son Nation has come of AGE !!!

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