Unification News for July 2005

Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles experience, June 28, was captivating. The hall for the Ambassadors for Peace seminar with Mr. Jim Flynn was jammed with Ambassadors for Peace and new candidates for the appointment. 57 new Ambassadors for Peace were established from very diverse backgrounds. Professors, women's leaders, clergy - all kinds of leaders.

Just 9 days earlier I had a previously scheduled engagement in LA for an the Ambassadors for Peace program and to give the Sunday Service. Rev. Ku and I had a very serious discussion about how deep was Father's direction for 12,000. (Actually it was quite a strong, Korean- style discussion, with lots of heart. He understood that I was coming from days of Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden. This is not personal; we have to do what Father wants. Though the odds were great, we had to make every sacrifice.)

Rev. Ku was sensitive to Father's heart. He completely changed all plans for a banquet and did everything possible to open up as many seats and go for it!! That heart was very moving. He felt Father's urgency and gave himself up to it. Rev. Ku has diligently worked to set the standard in LA and eventually transfer it to those who can inherit the serious heart for True Parents. Rev. Ku gathered Kimiyo Anceny, Rev. Henning, Mrs. Sheri Reuter, Rev. Mark Tengan, Naoko, Rev. Godwin DaSilva and a few others and had a serious meeting on how to push way out of the box for victory. Everyone united. It would be on Tuesday night, fighting Los Angeles traffic. They would only have refreshments and reception style food from 5 pm. No dinner. They made up their minds, and victory was sealed at that meeting. I felt the heart of Los Angeles, trusting that if they stood with Fathe,r God would work. Rev. Ku asked if I could stay because to fulfill this effort in a few days would take a miracle and he wanted to know if I could really give the Word for Sunday. With Dr. Yang's blessing, I canceled plans to go to Washington.

Then I immediately asked if I could go to the front line with Rev. Mark Tengan and Naoko. From 5 pm to midnight we visited key church leaders. We saw Rev. Gambell, Rev. Jarvis Johnson (son of Bishop C. Phillip Johnson) and we knocked on the door of Rev. Gaston at 11 pm. (No concepts.) I could see the incredible power of LA clergy outreach through Mark and Naoko; they gave me great spiritual power by going until we dropped. We gave everything we had. I had power from these few hours of total outreach that lasted for the whole tour. Thanks, Rev. Tengan and Naoko - you are bringing great victory for heaven. (Naoko is the one who continuously visited the renowned pastor the Rev. Dr. E.V. Hill until he completely joined the Blessing Movement and testified to Father Moon.)

When I gave the Sunday service in Los Angeles, the brothers and sisters will confirm, God called on them to give it all. The Los Angeles family is diverse and powerful. They also let go of everything and caught the fire of the East Garden Hoon Dok Hae. (After one week with Father everyday, your spirit is on fire, and that's the fire the brothers and sisters caught). Rev. Ku completely let go of everything to fulfill God's will. That's why when Father stood up on the stage he said, "Umm... There are so many people here..." It was not only overflowing with people, but the magic ingredient that makes an event "sparkle" before True Parents is the heart, sacrifice and prayers of the members who are united as one. Father could feel it. Everyone was pulling for the victory. And the victory came. -----

The press conference was organized by Kimiyo Anceny, Bob Spitz and Women's Federation board member Norma Foster. It was well done. Rev. Schanker did a masterful work at communicating and guiding the press. (He has an enormous gift to teach people. We are so grateful for Phillip.) We did a live drive- time radio interview with the top LA radio station, KFWB Channel 98. Think about it. Drive time in LA literally means millions heard it. They were most interested in Father's proposal for the World Peace King Bridge and Tunnel linking America and Russian across the Bering Strait. Amazing. Also interestingly the Chinese media (3) major media came out. Also, media from Japan and Korea were there that were not from our movement. Also the Spanish press was represented. Rev. Daryl Gray, (former communications director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference - founded by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ) led the press conference. Rev. Dr. Amos Brown of Third Baptist Church of LA gave an incredible interview, stating that this work is absolutely on the ground and real. He is the most well- known San Francisco clergyman and long- time civil rights leader and elected member of the County Board. He was very firm in his support for Rev. Moon. Rabbi Waldman and Imam Salahuddin demonstrated the incredible power of this ministry in that Jews, Muslims and Christians are one in the spirit of peace. Imam Bundakji, who opened the doors of the Muslim hearts in Middle East for the IIFWP, gave such a powerful interview. He said, there is only one man and woman in the world that deserve to be called the King and Queen of Peace. That is Rev. and Mrs. Moon. They love Muslims, Christians, and Jews without discrimination.

Our beautiful choir from San Francisco sang to open our program. They were great. San Francisco brought 472 people from 6 hours away. (Rev. Kim, Rev. Thompson, Rev. Bento Leal and Rev. David Rosenblum. That was all- out.) Arizona, Oregon, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco and LA regions should be lifted up in your prayers. It was not simple after NY, DC and Chicago successes to close out the tour so magnificently. Also Father Moon had invited the top leaders from Korea and Japan to observe True Parents' foundation and victory in America. (This demonstrated Father Moon's incredible confidence in us - that in one week we could successfully conduct four major rallies, some of them the biggest in those cities' histories. Today all the 12 Korean leaders testified to Dr. Yang and the American movement in Alaska).

Minister Blinky Williams, director of the Hollywood Choir, lifted our hearts and history was ready to be made. Rev. Daugherty did a magnificent job leading the program. We have done so many events as a team - all four blessings in 2004, the speaking tours of True Parents and major events throughout the ACLC history. This was his finest hour. His heart, mind and soul completely poured out to touch the hearts of the people and unify them as one. He understands Father's heart and is one with Dr. Yang and me.

Affirmations: From teh Representatives of the Abrahamic Faiths

Rev. Nicolas Benson, pastor of the Summit Evangelical Church, is President of the Ministers Alliance of Pasedena. He gave a beautiful scriptural reading and invocation.

Origin, The Sadoc Christian Singers (Rev. Milsap's daughter Magdalene and nephew Keith are the lead singers) performed Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikam. It was written by Ricky Joswic and Barry Fasman (former producer for the noted Fame TV show) based on the Israel pilgrimages and our Peace, Shalom Salaam Alaikam marching song. It was unbelievable. They have gone to another level. It turned the atmosphere upside down.

Then my wife Reiko and I called upon all to stand and receive the blessing of the Holy juice. Rev. Dr. Bennit Hayes of Gloryland Baptist Church in Houston Texas and member of the National Executive Committee and his wife Minister Ethel Hayes of the ACLC Women in Ministry, came as the representative couple to receive the blessing and to affirm their marriage before heaven and earth. Rev. Hayes has blessed 12 key couples in his congregation went on to hold the blessing for hundreds of couples. He and Bishop Nelson are leading the ACLC in the Blessing movement, showing thousands of pastors across the country how to "Bless" the marriages under the anointing of Father and Mother Moon and bring the realization of Jesus' teaching that "what God has joined together, let no man put asunder." (Matthew 19: 4-6.)

The Abrahamic faiths were represented by Rabbi Waldman, Imam Salahuddin, Cantor Esther Leon and the Rev. Jesse Edwards. Imam Salahuddin offered a beautiful prayer; Rabbi Waldman offered a blessing for the gathering and prayed that Father and Mother Moon will live to be 120 (as Moses did). Then he blew the shofar, proclaiming that in each of the four cities a miracle has occurred that the children of Abraham could come together as one and save the people. He blew the shofar proclaiming, that this was a sign that the time of the return of the Messiah has come.

Rev. Edwards, in less than three minutes, unleashed the Holy Spirit's power, and the audience was totally touched. "Praise the Lord, everybody. I said, Praise the Lord. We come here to proclaim that there is one God of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Jesus has anointed this hour and chosen Rev. Moon to stand as the anointed one of this age - that's right the anointed one - meaning the Messiah, and he wants every one of us now to receive this anointing and become the Messiah to our family, to our community and even to America !!! This is the day that the Lord has made. Jesus is rejoicing in this hour!!!!" It was amazing. This is history. One day this will all be recorded and understood as the turning points in history in which the people of God received the anointing and became one to receive the coming of the True Parents and together build the Kingdom of God.

Then Imam Bundakji, with his great courage and faith, stepped forward. He brought over 50 representatives of the Muslim community to hear the message. He testified that Father Moon's ministry is the one that is truly bringing peace in the Middle East, that Muslims know when they hear this message that this is the teaching of the Koran. This is a great day for all faiths to come together. Then he led the way for all the faiths to embrace. Again, these steps that are being taken are not simply on the stage. The Ambassadors for Peace, in spite of difficulties, misunderstanding and even sometimes persecution for advocating the oneness of all believers, are working together off the stage, marching through the streets of NY to the streets of Al Azaria (in the West Bank) to the streets of Gaza to the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem. This is real. These leaders have put their lives on the line with Father Moon only to find more abundant life flowing down from Heaven. Imam Bundakji was accompanied by Sheikh Qazwini, who is one of the most prominent clerics of the Muslim tradition in America and is regularly featured on Al Jazeera. He said to me later, I am very happy with the program and honored to work together with Father Moon for peace. Imam Bundakji testified how Susan Munsell and Rev. Godwin DaSilva brought him to the movement. Imam Bundakji's wife, Heuda, said to me the next day, Dr. Jenkins, this program was awesome, I never imagined that this could ever happen. I am grateful to Allah.

The chairman of ACLC of Southern California is the Rev. Dr. William Johnson, who is superintendent for the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. His written testimony will be also seen as a major turning point in history. It was a written scholarly summary of his testimony and journey in coming to understand the work of God through Rev. Moon. He is a mainline Methodist leader with hundreds of churches under him. Years ago his denomination, not understanding the work, discouraged ministers from working with Rev. Moon. He didn't like what he had heard about Rev. Moon and pretty much agreed that such a bad movement should be stopped. Then he met Jack Ashworth. He testified about how through persistence over the years he came to understand that God was with this movement. Then he began to understand and study the Principle and saw that it was of God. He decided to be the Co Chairman of ACLC confidently, because he is standing on biblical truth and the confirmation of testing the waters. He testified to Rev. Henning, Rev. Ku, Dr. Yang, Rev. Daugherty and myself and all the leaders of movement. He told how his journey unfolded until finally he was sure. He now stands tonight to testify that this is God's movement and he has opened his mind and heart to the new understanding that Jesus is bringing forth. He said with great power that sent chills up and down our spines, "No longer will I allow anyone to tell me who I can and cannot associate with. I will associate with those who God would have me be with. Here I stand." It was a feeling as if Martin Luther himself was there !!! (Here I Stand). The clergy are standing.

The video featured Imam Bundakji prominently talking about how Father Moon cares not only about Korea or America, but also about the Middle East and truly wants to see peace there. Because of this heart, he and Mother Moon are truly the True Parents for Humanity. The video shows that Father Moon went through a path of persecution and suffering but now there is deep and vast support. It is just a matter of time before the world comes to understand. Always, central to the message, marriage is strengthened through the blessing and grafting into the True Olive Tree.

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Jr. has fulfilled a most important role in history. He stood through the highs and the lows and against many trials and tribulations to testify to True Parents. His testimony in LA took the audience into the heart of Father and Mother Moon and deeply moved people. Many came to me after the event was over and said, the Archbishop's testimony changed my life, it was like a wall came down and suddenly I could understand who Rev. Moon is without feeling fear or any threats. The Archbishop testified that this is the Messiah and we should look no further. Messiah, Savior, returning Lord are all summarized by one title : The True Parents of Humanity. That's what they are. They are determined to love all people and carry all of humanity on their backs step by step until the Kingdom comes.

The Archbishop is standing upon the foundation of over 30 years of ministry and having a blessed family. He was incredible. He went on: "Now is the time for peace. Now is the time for the Kingdom, Now is God's tme; now is God's Time. It's time for the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Mooooooooon. The True Parents."

True Parents have been affirmed by Heaven and earth and confirmed by the religious leaders and civic leaders of the world as the King and Queen of Peace. This has been sealed forever. But what was so pleasing to True Parents on this tour was to see the movement expanding rapidly as so many new clergy are breaking through as Archbishop Stallings has. They know the truth. With the power of truth and love, nothing will stop this spreading of the Holy Spirit. This fire will spread until America is healed and a new America rises up for Family, Faith and Peace.

Father spoke with incredible power. People are shocked. He is like he is 40 years old. He said with absolute conviction, "I promised God that I would heal and unify this world and end all war. .. I will not go to the Heavenly realm until this is accomplished. Mark my words..." It is the power of true love. It is a revolution of love and heart to heal humanity.

Flowers were presented by Rev. Dr. Gambell and his wife, Dr. Gambell. Dr. Gambell is a most important religious leader in LA and his wife a prominent physician. They are a blessed couple and faithful to God.

Imam Bundakji, Dr. William Johnson, Dr. Amos Brown, Cantor Leon and Bishop Bless presented a huge ship's wheel to True Parents from the Ambassadors for Peace and ACLC. It was beautiful. They called Father the Admiral of God's Ship.

Then Ambassador for Peace Appointments were given to the renowned Dr. Cecil Murray, Rev. Betty Tataljawski of Arizona, Dr. William Jeffery of Seattle, Dr. Amos Brown of San Francisco, Bishop Bless of the Lutheran Evangelical church, Imam Qazwini, Dr. Bebeau of Denver, and former state representative.

True Parents left with great support. Then we sang, "Let there be Peace On Earth," and Rev. Daugherty closed it out.

The next morning at Hoon Dok Hae Father was excited. The hall was jammed with 1,000 blessed families and VIP's !!! Father was very, very happy. He enjoyed so much the children's choir from San Francisco. It was beautiful. Rev. Ku and I danced on the stage with joy that victory was secured and True Parents could victoriously guide us to the next providence.

Father gave the clergy incredible guidance. This was their final city. The National Executive committee was deeply moved. Father testified that though he carries this huge mountain of the responsibility to save humanity and bring peace to the world on his shoulders he continues to go step by step barely getting his foot to the next step but the secret is that he just keeps obeying heaven and taking the steps so that heaven, the saints, Jesus and God himself continue to protect and support him and open the way for the path to go up and up.

He gave strong direction and deep love at the conclusion. He took the giant ship's wheel (by himself - it is quite heavy) and gave it to the young people who were jammed in the front. He asked us to congratulate Dr. Yang as our Continental Director and asked Dr. Yang to sing. Rev. Ku supported him. Then Hyung Jin Nim sang and touched everyone's hearts.

Father got up and sang and Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards, Rev. Gray and a few others joined on the stage as we danced with great celebration as Father sang. Finally, sadly he said GOOOOD BYYYYYYYYEEEEE.

The core clergy went to Father's room and greated True Parents, thanking them for the incredible outpouring day and night to give God's love and strength to America. True Mother gave ties to all the clergy and special gifts to the representatives of the Abrahamic faiths. They pledged before heaven and earth that they will save America and guide America to bring peace. A new day has dawned; the clergy understand and feel totally responsible. Rev. and Mrs. Rawls got a special picture with True Parents, as did one other key clergy couple. Mrs. Rawls wanted Father to know that she knew who he was;she approached True Parents with heart and great humility and said, "Hello, Messiah." True Parents laughed and heaven and earth wept.

Thank you, LA Block, Rev. and Mrs. Ku, Rev. Henning, Rev. Da Silva and all block, regional, and vice- regional directors. Thank you, Blessed Families. You brought the final and substantial glory to God and to True Parents. Los Angeles is truly the "City of The Angels".

The Day of the Lord has been received by the people prepared by God. Now it will rapidly expand to encompass all humanity. Rise up, America. Now is God's Time. !!!

Thanks, America. God loves you, America. Let us prepare for the next adventure - it begins today!

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