Unification News for June 2005

IIFWP: World Women's Day in Kenya

Mr. Frederick Wakhisi

The Young Women's Initiative Club of Kenyatta University invited Mr. Edwin Aketch and Mr. Fredrick Wakhisi as guests to the World Women's Day celebration on March 15th, 2005 courtesy of Dr. Helen Oduk, Ambassador for Peace and Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Kenyatta University.

First we paid a courtesy call to the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Everest Standa, who was accompanied by his deputy, Professor Ongong, a long time PWPA representative. After an introduction by Dr. Oduk, Mr. Wakhisi gave an overview of IIFWP programs and activities. He thanked the University's academic staff for their continued participation in IIFWP programs and events.

The Vice Chancellor expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by our founders Rev. and Mrs. Moon in initiating many noble causes that go a long way in promoting world peace. He expressed support for these noble causes.

He talked of the numerous problems facing the student community, especially the problem of moral decadence. The problem is even worse now that the government has introduced cost sharing in public universities. He talked of female students being turned into wives by male students who are financially stable. Above all, he talked about what he had initiated to curb the problem.

He welcomed IIFWP to promote character education in Kenyatta University. Dr. Helen Oduk spoke praisingly about the lecture of Rev. Dr. Kwak on Family, Marriage and Blessing delivered during the Africa Leadership Convocation in Nairobi on October 24th, 2004. Indeed it was a unique lecture that moved and inspired all the guests.

The deputy Vice Chancellor called for the revitalization of PWPA, now that we have so many universities. This will facilitate interactions among professors and promote an enabling academic environment nationally.

During the Women's Day celebration, Mr. Wakhisi spoke of the family as a school of love. Mr. Aketch was the chief judge for Mr. and Miss Initiative 2005. About 40 leaders of the Young Women's Initiative are scheduled to attend a 4-day leadership seminar from March 24th to 28th, 2005.

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