Unification News for June 2005

Hyung Jin Nim Speaks at UTS

Hyung Jin Moon, author of the photo essay "The Moment" and collection of reflective essays, "A Bald Head and a Strawberry," spoke at UTS on May 30.

Mr. Moon, a student in the Masters of Theological Studies program at Harvard University, shared his thoughts on theology and its study with UTS students, faculty, staff and local community. Moon extolled the simple life, explaining how he, though the youngest son of Reverend and Mrs. Moon, practices his spirituality by cleaning floors and doing laundry. He reminded students of the Founder's continued call for the study of theology, as the subject matter that is closest to God, and his emphasis upon the simple but beautiful spiritual environment of Barrytown.

He told the students to connect their future with the world, to realize that they are not separate from the world. "Listen to the grassroots; tap and release the creativity in everyone." He called the members of the audience to deepen and broaden their perspectives. "We have Unificationists all over the world, who practice Muslim, Buddhist and all sorts of traditions. They all are blessed, so we

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