Unification News for June 2005

Mun-Hwa Times Interview Hyung Jin Moon

Rev. Moon’s youngest son, Hyung Jin, Studies world religions and Meditation at Harvard. "I have interest in Buddhism, therefore I am practicing meditation. I am also a member of the Unification Church." He is 27 years old. On May 28th at the Harvard center for the study of World Religion, Hyung Jin Moon said, "I am deeply interested in Buddhism, so I shaved my head and I am studying meditation."

The top leader of the largest Buddhist organization in Korea, President Bub Jang, and a group of 50 monks visited the Harvard center. Hyung Jin Moon was also present as a second year graduate student there, studying World Religion. Hyung Jin Moon also gained his undergraduate degree at Harvard University. Mr. Moon was born in America and is the eleventh child among thirteen, and the last son of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. A major professor had invited Hyung Jin Moon to attend the meeting to greet the delegation of monks from Korea. Hyung Jin Moon, with his shaved head and wearing simple, traditional, Korean clothing, Mr. Moon sincerely greeted President Bub Jang in the honourable, traditional Buddhist manner. Hyung Jin Moon was warmly greeted by two of the monks who had studied earlier at the Harvard Center for study of World Religions.

When the reporter asked Mr. Moon for an interview he graciously responded. He said, "Even though I was born in America, I am very interested in Korean traditional culture and thought, especially Buddhism and meditation. Because I am Korean, whatever I do, I feel that I cannot separate from the Korean tradition. I shaved my head because I am following the way of meditation." I asked Mr. Moon if his father was angry because of his love of Buddhism. Hyung Jin Moon said, because I suddenly appeared like a monk the members of the movement were very surprised. My father never had a problem and he never scolded me.

He also said, "My father really respects individual free will. He understood that I am in a course of study and growth. I am also studying Islam, Christianity, and all other religions. I want to work to build respect among all religions to bring world Peace." Mr. Moon expressed after his talks regret that his Korean was not fluent, because he grew up in America. Mr. Moon is over 6ft 2in tall and has a very genuine and pure smile. He has a very handsome face and an excellent physical appearance. He has often heard from others that he looks like his father in his youth. 
Following the Unification tradition, Mr. Moon was matched 8 years ago to his wife. They have already 4 children.

Mr. Moon emphasized, "Now I am in a period of study, but my way is the path of Unification that my father pioneered."

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