Unification News for June 2005

W-CARP Philippines: Summer Season is Harvest Season

by Melchor S. Castro

It's the hottest season in the Philippines; same as the CARP Members now burning with passion to mobilize the young fresh high school graduates to prepare them to enter college. Through the initiative of World CARP Philippines President Michael G. Zablan, the Self-Help Scholarship Program makes its third year in guiding the youth to become great leaders in the future and making a transformation of the culture of Filipino people. This program became the main vehicle, a driving force for W-CARP Philippines, in increasing membership and applying the core-values in every chapter.

Since March 15, seven Batches of 21-Day Leadership Workshops were opened to accommodate hundreds of students coming from different high schools in Metro Manila and other Regions of the country. A special 8th Batch will be conducted for the students from distant provinces, who will also enroll and study at the top universities in Manila. Most of them were top students selected from their alma mater. This is now the advance training for those who've already attended the 2-Day Leadership Training and passed the interview conducted after the workshop.

"Even though, we have lack of resources and manpower, still we cannot fail to miss this opportunity. This is the time to harvest what we have invested for a long time," Mr. Zablan reiterated to the core-members during the meeting. Only during this summer vacation we can educate these students for a longer period, at least 21 days, and then we can consider them as active members that can embody the Core-Values of World CARP.

Aside from the student seminar, the Philippine Teachers' Association for the Research of Principles (PTARP) also held a 4-day workshop for teachers during April 21-24, 2005 at World CARP Philippines Headquarters. It was attended by 60 professors, teachers and principals. The participants were enlightened and willing to support upon knowing the principles of PTARP and the Unification Movement.

After their 21-Day Workshops, students were assisted in taking their entrance examination to various Colleges and Universities they wanted to enroll and preparing them to raise their tuition fees through fundraising activities. Then they were billeted to different CARP centers near their schools as their second home.

Based on their reflections, they were very grateful to W-CARP that gave them the opportunity to continue their studies and have confidence to face the challenges, not only in school, but throughout their lives.

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