Unification News for June 2005

Seattle/Tacoma Prayer Breakfast

by Reverend Mary Anglin

Seattle-Tacoma ACLC held its second interfaith prayer breakfast of the month at Mitzelís American Kitchen in the city of Fife on Saturday, May 21st.

The theme of the breakfast was "Family Ė Godís School of True Love," with the major focus of the True Family Values Presentation being "Everlasting Marriage". With 20 guests in attendance, Pastor Gerhard Wiesinger gave a very clear argument supporting the importance of the family in not only individual lives, but in the society as well. The key point: "If we donít show them models of marriage, we will lose the next generation."
Beginning with a brief excerpt from Dr. William Coleman ("Family Matters: Newsweek, April 25, 2005), "The family is the strongest and most enduring influence in any personís life. You have to take it into account," Pastor Wiesinger led us into the study of marriage and family.
Key points offered as steps to an everlasting marriage were: 1.) take time to pray and study; 2.) be in partnership with God; 3.) seek heavenly wisdom, not your own;, and 4.) practice this vision of marriage in your own family. He exhorted us to teach this ideal and vision to others.

Pastor Wiesinger offered several ideas for changing the culture from pro-divorce to everlasting marriage: create a faith-based pro-marriage movement; provide marriage education; support the fatherhood initiative; and promote school-based marriage skills training. In essence, get the message out that marriage is good! Special thanks to Rev. and Mrs. Lee for their constant support, to Ray McCready for his excellent emcee skills and to our outreach team for their untiring efforts.

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