Unification News for June 2005

Iowa Prayer Breakfast

by Rev. Carl V. Rawls

Waterloo, Iowa, held its monthly ACLC Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday, May 4th, at the Ramada Inn. The theme was, "The Power of True Love to Heal our Families and Our Nation." As a member of the ACLC National Executive Committee, I had the honor to meet and share the vision of ACLC with our Iowa family.

On Tuesday, I was greeted at the airport by the Iowa ACLC Co-Convenor, Rev. Alan Jessen. We connected and immediately began to strategize. Rev. Jessen invited me to his home and I shared a wonderful dinner with him and his wife, Sis. Margaret Jessen. The evening went well as we shared testimonies about how we became involved in this divine movement. The Jessens have been a member of the family church for over 30 years and are still standing strong.

At the prayer breakfast on Wednesday morning, those in attendance included, Rev. Marvin Jenkins; Bishop Helen Seenster, who attended a True Family Values conference a few years ago; Rev. Daniel Phillips; Minister Michael Mohammad, who heard Father Moon speak in Iowa during his 50 state tour; Deacon Smith (a deacon at Rev. Jenkin's church), a lovely Japaneese missionary sister, and Sis. Margaret Jessen. Rev. Jessen gave the welcome, opening prayer, and future goals for ACLC of Iowa, which are to:

Link to the national movement; " Lift up the power of clergy and religious leaders; " Establish a fellowship/chapter beginning in Waterloo; " Provide opportunities for clergy to experience the transforming power of true love in the Holy Land; and " Bring the spirit of reconciliation and renewal of marriage through the blessing to Iowa.

After viewing the video presentation, "The Power of True Love," and a warm introduction by Rev. Jessen, I was ready to give the keynote address. My topic was "Responsibility." ACLC has taken on the responsibility of rebuilding the family, restoring communities, and renewing the nation and the world. We have a responsibility to be kingdom builders, peacemakers, witnesses and a mouth-piece for God and his kingdom. Since the fall of our first ancestors (Adam and Eve), the family has been in shambles. ACLC has made a commitment to rebuilding and strengthening families by teaching the principle of true love and that marriage is a scared unit centered on God - no divorce and no adultery. Our communities are riddled by the effects of sin. It is our responsibility to restore our communities by planting seeds of true love, goodness, understanding and togetherness - living for the sake of others. We must renew the nation and the world by spreading peace and goodwill toward all men.

After the keynote address the floor was open for comments. Rev. Jessen asked me to give a testimony about the Ocean City Convocation and the lecture on the Human Fall. As I was giving testimony, Rev. Marvin Jenkins asked me to elaborate a little more about the Fall; and this provided an opportunity for good dialogue concerning the Fall.

After the prayer breakfast, we all had lunch together and continued the fellowship. After lunch Rev. Jessen and I visited pastors in the area. Of the pastors we met, one really stands out. Pastor Dwight Webster, director of Waterloo Urban Ministries, is the first African American to hold this position. After great dialogue, Rev. Jessen gave Rev. Webster "The Power of True Love" video and Rev. Webster asked if he could watch it with his wife. Inspired, Rev. Jessen and I both shouted, absolutely.

The next morning while I was at the airport, Rev. Jessen called me on my cell phone and told me he had spoken with Rev. Webster. He shared with me that Rev. Webster and his wife were moved by the video and that for years they have been saying that Satan has been destroying our marriages and families. They want to be a part of ACLC of Iowa.

ACLC has taken on these major responsibilities, but it is all of our responsibilities - every faith, every religion, every race, every color, every creed, every state and nation - to rebuild the family, restore the community, renew the nation and the world. I believe the seed was planted in Waterloo, Iowa this week and the peace kingdom is about to blossom.

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