Unification News for June 2005

Chicago’s Monthly ACLC Prayer Breakfast

by Rev. Kazuo Takami

Over 150 guests joined our monthly ACLC prayer breakfast at Zion Healing Temple Church of God in Christ on April 21, 2005 in Cihcago, IL. The host, pastor Bishop James Hampton, is a longtime and dear friend of us. He allowed us to use his brand-new banquet hall, which was beautifully decorated in pink and red. When our church staff members stepped in the church one hour before the prayer breakfast, we were welcomed with the tasty smell of breakfast. Several of his church members (including First Lady Mrs. Hampton) had started cooking very early in the morning.

One noteworthy point was that many new guests came. Ten pastors joined us for the first time. Some of the new pastors, Rev. Garner and Minister Flower, came because of our members’ continuous efforts to take care of them. The other pastors came because our ACLC pastors invited them. Rev. Joseph McAfee was accompanied by his friend Rev. Hawkins. Rev. and Mrs. Marshall showed up because Rev. Etta Ellis (who is attending the Divine Principle convocation in Ocean City) called them directly the night before and asked them to attend the ACLC prayer breakfast.

Yesterday’ program was full of rich content. First, two pastors reported on the last pilgrimage to Israel. Father Leonardo Maldonado, a Catholic priest, said that he joined the pilgrimage not as a tourist but as a peace ambassador. He is convinced that what we are doing and what the former Pope tried to do are on the same line: promoting dialog and bringing peace. Next, Dr. Leonard Porter shared his reflection. It was the second trip to Israel for him. Different from the first pilgrimage, he had more opportunities to talk directly to people in the city. Every person he met was suffering so much from religious and political upheaval. He realized how much pain the natives have endured as a result of these conflicts.

Then, Dr. Paul Swanson, a professor emeritus of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, gave a report of the latest IIFWPU international conference in Washington, DC. He shared with us briefly each session’s overviews and points, which was very interesting. 
Lastly, Bishop Ki Hoon Kim gave remarks. He showed appreciation for the host pastors and all pastors who were present, then and he introduced the upcoming the Interreligious Peace Sports Festival in Korea in July and the Divine Principle convocation in Chicago around June.

At the end of the program, we celebrated the birthday of Dr. A. Harold White, our co-convener of ACLC Chicago, with cake and flowers.

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