Unification News for June 2005

The Holy Spirit descends on Dayton

by Rev. Brian Bloch

On April 16, 2005 tribal messiahs and ministers with the support of Rev. Jea Seok Kim and region 7 held our first ACLC meeting with a national- level speaker in Dayton, Ohio. That speaker was none other than our beloved AB George Augustus Stallings, Jr. This report is a testimony to the love and power of God, and the innate goodness of our central blessed families. This event truly shows what God can do when tribal messiahs step out on faith. As Rev. Jenkins always says, the Central Blessed families have all the power; we just have to believe.

I have been working in Dayton for a couple of years now with a small group of core ministers who are very dedicated to doing God's will. We wanted to really get ACLC going in Dayton, Ohio, and this was to be our coming-out event. All the tribal messiahs in this area really contributed to the success by their financial donations and prayers.

about the greatness of God's word When the spirit is high, even the pews are no longer an obstacle Sharing a great meal after the program The core group of ministers and their churches did most of the work under the prayerful guidance of Rev. Brian Bloch and Celeste Vlasic.

We were going to do a mailing to all the ministers in the area, but instead our ministers volunteered to hand-deliver the invitations to save money. There is no Family Church in Dayton so the ministers did almost all of the work to make this event happen. They completely took ownership of this event in all ways, including financial. Their complete dedication to God's will was an inspiration to us all.

With Dr. Johnson and Bishop White A joyful group of clergy and organizers The event was held at Summit Christian Church, where Dr. Tom Johnson is pastor. It started with registration at 10:30 AM. This beautiful church, which holds over 300 people, was almost full by the time the program started at 11:00. Dr. Johnson gave the call to worship, and the Holy Spirit was already upon the church. Next, Bishop Emma Curtis White led the combined choirs of Church On The Rock, Bible Class Missionary Baptist Church, and Gateway Baptist Church that lifted the spirit even higher. After that, greetings were brought forth from a local councilman, the president of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, ACLC, and the mayor of Dayton, who gave Bishop Stallings a beautiful welcoming plaque from the city.

Then Rev. Jea Seok Kim gave a moving introduction of Archbishop Stallings. Summit's women's choir then sang and the next voice heard was that of Bishop Stallings. As he spoke, the outpouring of Holy Spirit completely saturated the church.

Everyone was deeply moved by his preaching, some to tears and some to celebration. Bishop Stallings spoke for about one hour, which only seemed like fifteen minutes, teaching the Divine Principle and driving home the point that we are the little "g". Please read his book to deeply understand what this means. We are so blessed to have this great man of God as our true brother and son of True Parents. When Bishop Stallings was finished, the spirit was so high and he was so inspired that he jumped on top of the pews and ran through the church, all while the people were weeping and praising God.

Over 250 people attended the event, with 50 to 60 being ministers and pastors. A delicious lunch was prepared by Summit Christian Church and served by our wonderful second generation, who also did the registration table and the ushering. After lunch we took a group picture. The spirit of God had so permeated the place that people did not want to leave. As I was writing this report Dr. Johnson called and testified that everyone is still talking about the event and how Summit Christian Church will never be the same.

As we prepare for our next event I am so moved at how our Heavenly Father is always with us. As soon as we move forward He blesses us with the inheritance of our True parents' love, authority and victory.

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