Unification News for June 2005

Interfaith Gathering in New Jerusalem, NJ

by Rev. Geller

Dr. Lonnie McCloud, our keynote speaker and member of the ACLC National Committee, inspired those gathered for April's Interfaith Gathering at the Radisson hotel in Saddle Brook, NJ, Saturday, April 23,.

Mayor Louis D'Arminio welcomed us to his lovely town and commented on the importance of religious leaders in rebuilding families and restoring communities.

Thirty religious leaders representing Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism were in attendance. Representatives from each of the aforementioned religions presented their response to Dr. McCloud's uplifting remarks.

In addition, Dr. Dawud Assad shared his experiences from the recent pilgrimage to Jordan and the Holy Land and Rev. Alain Tamelessio presented an introduction to our upcoming True Family Values seminar. A delicious sushi lunch was prepared by the generous and unified team of True World Group and Kodan.

The road to meet True Parents is paved with events like the one described above. Our aim is transcendence for each religious leader. We are searching for the way to assist them in going beyond the bounds of their faith to reap the potential results of an event centered on True Parents. With each event, we are improving and getting closer to our goal.

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