Unification News for June 2005

ACLC Winston-Salem, NC

by Rev. Burgi Hutcherson

On May 10th, 2005, we had our monthly prayer breakfast for ACLC clergy at the CRT Christian Farm in Winston-Salem. Seven clergy and five FFWPU staff members attended the event. It was a gathering of a very diverse group of clergy, representing the Christian, Moslem and Buddhist faith traditions and the black, white, Asian, and Hispanic races. It was the first time the Buddhist faith was represented at a prayer breakfast.

Bishop O.D. Legrant, pastor of the Progressive Apostolic Church in Winston-Salem and overseer of the NC United Churches for Jesus, gave the invocation. It was followed by a delicious breakfast, which was lovingly prepared by Sun and Ingeborg, two sisters of the Triad Family Church of Peace. Then Sun delighted our hearts with the "Unity Song", which brought hope and joy into all our hearts.

Following that song Rev. Michael Lamson, national messiah of Cameroon, shared about his nine years in Africa. All ministers listened attentively. Bishop Willie Davis, cochairmen of the NC ACLC was especially moved by his presentation and he invited Mr. Lamson to come to his church to speak to the congregation. He said that his church has been supporting missions in Africa for over 30 years, but this presentation gave him a much more real understanding about what is going on in Africa.

Rev. John Pace provided the main spiritual meal, a Divine Principle presentation in PowerPoint, sharing about resurrection. He was very thorough and was able to convey the message well. A stimulating discussion followed his presentation. The spirit was warm and embracing. It was a joy to see the unity and understanding in such a diverse group.

Minister Willie Muhammad from the Nation of Islam in Greensboro concluded with a prayer. Praise God! Praises to True Parents, who have made such a work possible!

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