Unification News for June 2005

Role Of The Family Of Faith And The Realization Of The Kingdom Of God

The National Capitol Region chapter of American Clergy Leadership Conference illuminates the "Role of the family of faith and the realization of the Kingdom of God", through its monthly prayer breakfast.

Keeping with the spirit of consistent principle driven fellowship with the membership, friends and partners of ACLC, the District of Columbia and Rev. Randy Francis our newly appointed vice regional director was host to region one's regional monthly prayer breakfast. Under the theme "The Role of the Family of Faith and the Realization of the Kingdom God", several key ACLC minister in region 1 brought 7 minute messages from principled perspective of the role of the family of faith.

Father Adrien Isaac Bayo, Archbishop Stallings Jr. special assistant and vicar for evangelism for the African American catholic congregation Imani Temple DC who as currently been reappointed as Region one's ACLC co-convener/liaison led the spirited event which was also a memorial service, in memory of the great brothers and sisters who now abide in the spirit world who stood up for True Parents vision and message. With every minister, male and female armed with a principled message about the family of faith, Rev John Paul Hong our Co Chairman led the way with a true story of how he was saved from a situation that would have taken his life, by a Buddhist monk and a Christian missionary. A perfect example of the role of the family of faith.

Then an principled over view of God's family design for creation was shared by Fr. Bayo, which was followed by Rev. Addie Robb founder of Women Uplifting Women Ministry who shared about a woman's role in the family of faith as one who sometimes as to push the man into his right full role as head of the family. Rev. Addie was followed by Elder Sennie Johnson wife of ACLC National executive committee member Bishop C. Philip Johnson; Mrs. Johnson expounded more on how women have been very instrumental in evangelizing the one true God and how women have played a key role as restorers of the bridge of faith. She demonstrated how we must become magnetic family of faith centering on the vision of True Parenting. Rev. Dr. Arnold Howard Pastor of Enon Baptist and co-convener for Baltimore city Maryland then spoke about the role of faith leaders and world peace, Dr. Howard in his spirited scholarly message shared the importance of true parent's vision as truly God's master plan to restore humankind. We were truly blessed with our special guest speaker Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins who spoke about the fruits of the true family of faith centering on True parents as the new seed of hope that is now bearing fruit through the blessing of marriage and various peace projects around the world. Dr. Jenkins and his wonderful wife mother Reiko Jenkins led us in the holy wine blessing.

The event concluded with candles lit and our Lords prayer song by minister Yoshimi Kadota in loving memory of men like Parnell Spicer, Pastor Greg Thomas, women like Rev. Jacoby Quinn and Dr. Lucinda Malone and many others. A celebration cake cutting in honor of UTS intern Rev. An for his work here with blessed members and ministers outreach work will be missed. Special thanks to Minister Yoshimi Kadota and Nanae Goto for providing music the PR Team Missionaries and all who worked behind the scene. Next prayer breakfast June 25th ACLC Pastors and Ministers with ACLC/FFWPU/IIFWP outreach volunteers from across the region, MD/DC/VA were in attendance, we had a synergetic experience. Thanks every one for your shining light to illuminate the role of the family of faith.

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