Unification News for June 2005

Happy 43rd True Day of All Things

Rev. Jenkins

Reverend Jenkins, through an instant messaging, wrote this live account of what was happening at Chung Pyung.

Greetings from Chung Pyung. Happy 43rd True Day of All Things. Dr. Yang and I are here in prayer and joyful anticipation of the arrival of True Parents. It is now 6:15 and Pledge will begin at 7 am. The altar for this historic day is quite different from our past offering tables. The front is is lined with beautiful pants and flowers symbolizing the creation. Then seven tall white candles line the next area in front of the fruit.

Even the representation of fruit includes things that have not usually been part of the offering table such as tomatoes and sweet potatoes. We remain in prayer to receive True Parents' message.

At 7 am True Parents entered with Kook Jin Nim and Kwan Jin Nim. Shin Jun, the son of Hyung Jin nim and special grandchild of True Parents, came also.

Father began by lighting the candles at the offering table. Mother held his arm as he lit each candle. Then Father offered a historic prayer. In the prayer he prayed concerning the dispensational history, explaining that when he was young the Christian culture was prepared to unite all cultures if it could receive God's son. Through a long course of indemnity, with great sorrow due to many delays, this day has finally come. Father prayed that the True Parents and True Family could restore and complete every condition and dream that was left unfilled by Adam's family. Father deeply thanked God for his love and encouraged God, reporting that all Blessed Families are now coming forward to fulfill the will of heaven.

With incredible grace and heart, True Parents carefully bowed before God. It was so moving. Then True Parents took their positions behind the offering table. True Family members bowed, accompanied by the wives of the great saints. Then the blessed Second Generation bowed and then all the congregation. After that were the three primary nations, the continents, the representatives of the free world and communist world. Representatives of the Han and the Moon families bowed. Representatives of Judeo-Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism and Hinduism bowed. Then representatives of the free world and the communist world, the Abel and the Cain worlds, bowed.

All these bows were offered to God in gratitude for True Parents and for all the blessings of creation. Three cheers of "Mansei" were offered by Rev. Yoo. True Parents gave food to each family member and then distributed it to the whole congregation through Rev. Kwak and the second generation.

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