Unification News for June 2005

North Carolina Blessed on True Parents Day

By Mike Lamson

North Carolina was blessed during True Parents Day and the Fishing Tournament more than we could have imagined even in our wildest dreams. North Carolina members work hard to fulfill all that is requested; everyone sacrifices and struggles together with Rev. Burgi and Rev. Cho to find the best ways to get everything done. It is difficult as everyone has jobs, families and many other responsibilities to keep up with at the same time. We sometimes wonder if God notices our efforts. But we know that He does and that the spiritual world is working overtime to bring the blessing in the age of CIG to those who stay the course.

North Carolina was able to have five members attend the events in New York over Parents Day, April 9-11, 2005, East Garden. We prayed that we could all be on the same team and that we could also be on boat 14 with another North Carolina member, Antonio Dos Anjos. Everything was to be decided by lottery, so we just prayed. When the lottery was completed to decide who would be on which team Rev. Cho (current RD), Rev. Kim (former RD), Art Lamson and myself were all on the same team Ð team 14 and Bruce Hutcherson went to team 21. After the teams were chosen there was a lottery to see which team would go on which boat Ð our team was assigned to boat 14 Ð Antonios boat!

Rev. Cho, Rev. Kim , Art and I united so strongly and chanted BIG FISH often as we wanted so much to inspire Father by catching many big fish and for a victory for North Carolina through fishing. After the first and the second day totals came in, it was announced that our team was number one! The spirit on our boat was so calm and so focused as each of us found our special ways to connect to God, to True Parents and to the fish. It became so clear that through fishing one can find the time for self-reflection and meditation that our normally hectic lives just don't seem to supply. The fishing tournament also provided many opportunities for East-West unity as many Korean, Japanese and Western members were on the same boats together. Language was never a problem on the boats as fishing seems to have its own universal language.

All day the boats would head out to find the best spots to fish on the Hudson. It was amazing to see all the boats and to know that we can build such fast beautiful craft. During the holiday and the fishing tournament there was time to meet many leaders and members whom we have not seen in many years. This led to many late nights, laughing and crying as news and lives were shared. It was really great to meet with Mr. Kamiyama after so many years and see him still going strong as ever. I was on the MFT for 91/2 years and it seemed like I was the one getting older, not Mr. Kamiyama. Many National Messiahs were attending the programs as well so the time was filled with more blessing that any of our small group ever expected. God really has a plan for us each day if we open our hearts and listen a little.

After the fishing tournament was finished Father shared with all the leaders many insights into the new era of CIG and where we are going as a movement. You could feel Father's excitement when he talked about the time we are living in. After Father finished, he arranged for a Yute game between all the teams. As normally happens, the games lasted all night with Father often coming to watch the players and be around the members. What a time, what a blessing and what memories we will all have now.

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