Unification News for June 2005

Cameroon: Muslims and Christians Find Peace the Principle

by Michael Lamson

A 21-day workshop was held in Yaoundz, the capital city of Cameroon, from March 27 to April 16, 2005 with 14 participants (13 from Cameroon and one from Chad) completing the seminar. This seminar was filled with many wonderful experiences in which the participants as well as the staff grew and learned so much together. We were also blessed to have an Iman and two Muslims continuing their studies of the Principle after attending a 7 day Principle seminar.

For this seminar, nine teachers handled the teaching and many members volunteered to help with the cooking and supporting the many activities connected to the seminar. The seminar covered:

A complete cycle of Divine Principle

Unification Thought

True Family Values

The IIFWP AIDS Program: A Zero Transmission Lifestyle

Internal Guidance (Prayer, Blessing, Public funds and Tithes, Adam and Eve Problem, Cain and Abel Problem, Tribal Messiahship, Pioneer Missions, Leadership, Witnessing, Fundraising)

Providential View on History (True Parents' Biography and Formula Course etc.)

Culture of Heart

Core Values

During the 21 day seminar participants practiced teaching, fundraising and witnessing as well as completing tests on the Divine Principle and Unification Thought.

All of the participants expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Heavenly Father, True Parents, the national leader, the provincial leader, the coordinator, the kitchen staff and especially all the teachers for their support, which moved those who were volunteering and inspired them to continue. They also repented for any mistakes or errors committed and pledged to incorporate the Divine Principles into their everyday lives to create new individuals, families, tribes and the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. Many declared that the Principle was the answer to all their questions.

With regard to the three Muslims, they were surprised that there could be a truth that could clearly explain the Koran and make the Koran more real for them. They came to refer to the Principle as a higher truth. Here is the testimony of the three Muslims:

"May God over bless, give longer life and a stronger health to our True Parents and their families for guiding us and resurrecting us as new and original Adams and Eves. We believe that the Principle is the answer to all religious discords. We discovered this precious gift of Allah through the Interreligious International Federation for World Peace. We even received the Award for Peace Ambassadors and we are now staff members of IIFWP Provincial Bureau in Bafoussam, West Province of Cameroon.

"After our 7-day workshop, we were invited for the 21-day workshop. We are really moving from one surprise to another because what we learned in the 7-day workshop deeply impressed us but the best was yet to come. Again we are told of a 40-day seminar! Allah is immensely great. The whole workshop was amazingly fantastic. Who could have believed his eyes, ears?

"Thank you for understanding us and allowing us to pray at the appropriate time. Also we did not notice any illicit behavior in the movement. We are very grateful to the coordinator and to the whole staff who took care of us. "Our responsibility is great. Our mission is great. We are like stones thrown in a sea: we will make waves! Please we need your support. Who are we to meet True Parents during their lifetime? We are eternally grateful to Papa Lamson (National Messiah) and his family, Papa, Mama Asong (National Leader) and their family, Papa Richard (Provincial Leader) and his family and to all the teachers for their sincere heart and endeavors.

"May Allah give us all the inspiration and wisdom to carry out this difficult but not impossible mission!"

We happily ended the 21-day workshop with a warm evening party of prayer, songs, dance and testimonies. To close up, graduation certificates and gifts were presented to all the participants.

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