Unification News for May 2005

Unleashing the Power of the Clergy and Religion in the 21st Century

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
March 12, 2005
Minneapolis, MN

This is from a speech given March 12, 2005 in Minneapolis, MN

The reason why man and woman have not reached their fullest potential, and become everything that God desired for them from the beginning, is that they have failed to know who God is. And they have failed, as I heard someone say, to develop that relationship to God and with God; because that's what it's all about, a relationship. That is why most church folk have yet to come to the discovery of who God is. Because they just simply want to worship God, but not love God, not know God. They don't know God. They worship God without knowing God. They have no relationship to God. They just see God as a figment of divinity, not God as parent, not God as father. So when we look at God from that particular vantage point, we're going to look at it from an entirely different perspective. Then we will understand why it is important to grow in this daily relationship, this constant, consistent relationship with Daddy, with Father, with Appa, by whatever name we call our father, we've got to have that same relationship with God, because God is our True Parent. Help me somebody. God is our first parent. Work with me now. Work with me! Turn to somebody and say "We will work with him."

Understand the correlation, the parallels here. God desired that man and woman would not only be the very visible, the tangible representation of Himself on earth, but he desired for man and woman, Adam and Eve, to rule over the earth as He rules over Heaven. So that he made Adam and Eve the Lords of creation. Is that not in the Word? He made them the trustees. He made them the stewards of creation, as I rule the Heaven, you rule the earth. As I have control over Heaven, you control the earth. As I have all power over Heaven, you have all power over earth. That is the way God had designed it from the beginning. That was in God's heart. That was His love. Out of love he creates Adam and Eve. He passed on to them true life, and His true lineage.

What God wanted in Adam and Eve was to reach that level of completion, to grow in their maturity; in their spiritual maturity, their individual spiritual maturity, reaching the level of perfection, so they could inherit everything. Adam and Eve had not yet reached that level of perfection that completed state, when they fell in the Garden. They were children. They were still children. They were adolescents if you will. God was their parent and they hadn't yet reached that level of the completed stage in their growth, in their maturation stage, where they could handle the responsibilities that God was placing upon them. From that day on, it's been messed up. There is all this confusion. All conflict is a direct consequence of the fall the human fall: you can trace it back. That is when our problems began with the human fall, not when God created the earth, because God's original ideal of creation was man and woman ruling over the earth. That is why he gave them a triple blessing. Be fruitful. That doesn't mean have a whole lot of children. A man may say "Oh, I'm fruitful. I have 12 kids. My seed is fruitful." You know testosterone and flexing muscles. No that is not what that means. To be fruitful means to reach a level of individual maturity and perfection where one can then multiply. Folks out here are multiplying and are not fruitful. That's the problem right there. Got a whole lot of folks who are making babies, multiplying, but they haven't become fruitful. And the third blessing was to have dominion over the earth. That is what you and I are called to do, to have dominion. Adam and Eve were called to have dominion. But because they did not reach that completion stage, in their spiritual development, they could not take on their portion of responsibility--to be able to pass on God's pure seed to their progeny.

If they had obeyed God, they would have passed on spiritual DNA, the fullness of spiritual DNA to their children, and their children's children. They would have had God's lineage, but because they compromised themselves in the Garden with Satan, they had what one might call cross-pollenization. They were hybrids. They had the lineage of God and the lineage of Satan in them and passed it on to their children's children. So are you surprised that Cain killed Abel? Because the blood had become polluted, the lineage had become contaminated. Adam and Eve did not pass on God's pure lineage to their children, to Cain, Abel, and Seth. They passed on a polluted lineage. We have had problems in the world ever since, because we can not figure out how to make God's love pure again. That's why we have the problems with the races and the cultures and the ethnicities, because we are dealing with polluted blood, contaminated blood. We have to purify the blood, in order to purify the lineage. That is the challenge that we face.

That is why we have to go beyond religion, and go back to spirituality, so that we can be the people God has called us to be. God has called us to be more than children of God. I know it says in 1 John 4 that we are called children of God. It says that in 1 John 4, but there is something before the New Testament, in the Old Testament, in the Psalms, in the 82nd Psalm, the 82nd division of the 150 Psalms; in the 82nd Psalm, verse 6, God said, "I have said, Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most high." That is what the word says. Some people may want to translate that as judges and magistrates, but if you know Hebrew, the Hebrew for God or Lord that is used is Elohim. And when this Elohim says "I have said ye are gods" the word for gods is also Elohim, which in my understanding of the Hebrew means God, or gods, or lords. You are the lords of all creation. How in the world can you and I rule.the only one, listen to this, the only ones who can rule over the earth would be God, the only one who can rule over the earth are God or the ones to whom God has entrusted the responsibility of ruling over the earth. You have to be a god to rule over anything. And if you don't come into that realization, that spiritual consciousness, you will be defeated. When God say "I have said ye are gods" that means "You are my children." That is what it really means. You bear my nature. Remember I told you, you are just as much human as your parents? You don't have any problem with that huh? But if I tell you, you are a god, not the God, but a god; you have got problems with that--becoming a truly divine manifestation of God's presence here on earth.

That is the genius of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, whom we affectionately call Father Moon, that he would say to us, that what we must seek to discover is the original nature that God intended for all of humanity from the beginnings of time, in Adam and Eve if they had reached that level of the completion stage of their spiritual maturation where they could have been the complete inheritors of all of God's creation. You and I were supposed to be the lords of this creation, the masters of this earth, to have all things under our feet. We were to be in control, not Satan, not the powers of evil, but you and I. There should be nothing on this earth that should so overwhelm us, inundate us, destroy us, divide us, separate us from the love of God, if we are able to reclaim the divinity that God placed in Adam and Eve from the very beginnings.

We have the spirit of God in us and we have flesh and blood. Think about that. But the genius of Rev. Moon is that, since we are all equal, why not have the races marry each other? Why not? What's wrong with that? We're all the same. We're all equal. But, of course, society can't handle that--especially American society. Oh God! We are still gawking when we see an interracial couple. H-m-m-m. We see two whites together, man and woman, that's ok; black man and woman, ok. Asian and black.Whoa!! White and Black..Whoa!! In America? What's going on here? That we must work to live for the sake of others. To know that we are all equal, we will live for each other.

When we worship God, when we truly worship God, is when we acknowledge that God is in each one of us. That is true worship. We've got these people in these churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues going through the rituals and gestures, and going outside and cursing and hating and not working with each other. That is false religion. That religion can not save you. It cannot heal you. But when you and I see the real presence of God in each other, when we move back to God's original ideal, where we can go through a process of changing the blood lineage so we can be one with each other, when that one man can love that one woman , and that one woman be faithful to her man and bring up children who are faithful in living our the decrees of God, and when we can train our children how to see God in each other, in all of humanity, then we will have Heaven on earth.

You are waiting until you die to get to Heaven? I want my Heaven right now. I have a right to see Heaven right now. I have a right to experience Heaven right now. Heaven can be here on earth. On earth as it is in Heaven. We can have it right now, if we love each other, if we trust each other, if we work with each other. If not now, when? If not you, who? It is time to get busy. It is time to get busy my brothers and sisters. It is time to realize that these are the final days. The Messiah is here, we just ain't seen him yet. We haven't looked. We haven't observed. We haven't known. But this is the hour, in which you and I can rise up to be the people that God has called us to be. And we said we are going to stop all this foolishness. We are going to stop making religion a mockery. We are going to stop making God out to be a liar. But we are going to worship God in spirit and in truth. That is the only way we are going to get back to God, in spirit and in truth. Think about it. As long as we keep looking at each other with human eyes, and walking in the flesh, we will never see God. Love Him. Live for God. Work for God. And if this right here is a reflection of Heaven on earth, then why not spread it throughout all the earth.

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