Unification News for May 2005

Hyo Jin in Japan

by Frank Kaufmann

I was excited and blessed to attend the final performance of Hyo Jin Moon's 2005, 7 city, concert tour.

Hyo Jin Nim sustains a rather pressing, month-long schedule of rehearsals, concert performances, speaking at churches, and standing as the anchor and central responsible figure of a complex and large scale period of sacrifice on "the road."

The effort cuts across and seeks to harmonize distant and diverse Unification factions during a time that involves exacting execution of elaborate logistics including travel itineraries, housing, major performance hall contracts, rehearsals, equipment, sound and lighting details, and all other conditions designed to result in great performances. All preparations are meant to bring about 7 concerts that meet and surpass expectations time and again when thousands trek distances and pin all dreams, hopes, and longing on just Hyo Jin Nim. In each city Hyo Jin Nim must re-access the edge from somewhere within to make that performance superior, memorable, and worthy of his own perfectionist, musical impulses.

Hyo Jin Nim (as you may know) writes and arranges all music and lyrics for these tours. Concerts last from 90 - 120 minutes, comprising 12 - 16 intense and passionate songs. This year the band traveled with 12 new songs spanning a considerable range of genres. (The warm up band was a successful, Korean 4 piece rock and pop singing band (Band of Brothers) who records under Hyo Jin Nim's label MC Korea.) Personally I found Hyo Jin Nim's performance of "Rebirth," late in the set genuinely transcendent, rivaling even the great signature pieces from the decades-long history of Rock.

Each performance is followed by a celebration gathering, cake cutting, and encouragement speech to leaders and members.

Perhaps you attended, or may have heard that Father and his family watched a live transmission of the Chiba (final) concert in East Garden, together with members. Father called after the concert to congratulate Hyo Jin Nim. Father called the performance "moving," and pushed and encouraged Hyo Jin Nim further to advance his mission for the transformation of art and culture.

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