Unification News for May 2005

Cheong Il Guk Horsemanship Seminar

By Lesa Ellanson

The 2005 dates for Cheong Il Guk Horsemanship Seminar are July 17 through July 30; the seminar is open to all Second Generation applicants, age 15 (as of July 1, 2005) and older. Openings are less limited than last year; however, consideration will be given to those students who are returning for their second year. First-year candidates who wish to apply are more than welcome and those with prior equestrian experience are especially encouraged to attend.

The program will include riding and showing, horse and stable management, equestrian history, internal guidance, special guests, HDH study, field trips, and other activities. Deadline is July 1, 2005. Applications can be obtained by emailing ellanson@frontiernet.net. Also, those older Second Generation or Blessed Parents who wish to volunteer as cooking assistants, drivers, or as help for other tasks, please contact Lesa Ellanson.

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