Unification News for May 2005

European News Video

by Mike Balcomb

An exciting new program called EuroFocus was premiered at the European Leaders Meeting in Rome at the end of February and has now become an official publication of the European Education Department. It's newly appointed Director, Tim Miller, says of it, "Finally we have a great program that conveys what's happening here. It's exactly the kind of innovation we need to present the movement to the larger society".

The 30-minute show is the brainchild of Andrew Davies, who also directed it. "I wanted to make a show that would inspire and reconnect members in the various countries of Europe by giving them something home-grown that they can enjoy watching, but also something that they can show to guests, friends and family", says Andrew.

A catchy theme tune, written by Natty German, introduces two energetic co-presenters, Ajay Rai and Parmy Olsen, in an informal "couch and coffee-table" setting. In the first episode they report on a large Ambassadors for Peace Conference in Italy; the MEPI rallies in Israel and a "Beyond the Cross" ceremony in the UK. They also present features on one brother's amazing encounters with spirit world; a report on Albania and an account of the ongoing fight in the UK to lift the entry ban on Rev Moon. It closes with a beautiful song written by Chris Davies, which he sang with ___ at a concert in Korea.

Maybe you will want to buy it to find out what's been happening, but we also hope you will use it for outreach - why not ask your contacts to subscribe as well? It's great for the Ambassadors for Peace.

Already work has started on the second episode. If you know of interesting events or people that you would like to have featured, or if you have footage you would like to submit, please send your ideas to Editorial@eurofocus.tv,

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