Unification News for May 2005

Dae Mo Nim Visits UK

by Rosemarie Hoyte

My heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude for the incredible grace extended to us from our Heavenly Father, through Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and the Heavenly Spiritual World. With deep gratitude, I would like to share my experiences of this event. As we entered the room, everything at first appeared normal. However, as we started to recite the Pledge of the Families, I noticed that Blessed Couples from the Spiritual world were entering. All Spirit World Blessed Couples wore holy robes throughout. They joined us, kneeling along in a row in front of the stage and along all the aisles. Every space was filled. Furthermore, I noticed the scene in the room had changed. From the spirit world, I saw flowers strewn along all the aisles. Where Dae Mo Nim would enter, there were purple/lilac flowers. They had a strong beautiful heavenly fragrance. The other aisles were covered with yellow, white or pink flowers. The stage appeared thus: The two double doors left and right of the stage and behind True Parents' picture appeared now as gold on the right and silver with some gold, on the left. In each doorway stood two figures either side - each carrying a large bouquet of flowers. The couple on the right, at the gold door, carried one blue bouquet and one green. The couple on the left carried, one a white bouquet and the other a pink one. Furthermore, the handles of the doors were decorated with a bright yellow ribbon- tied into a bow across both handles.

Looking above I noticed angels in blue. Then along the balconies, by each open window I saw large, gold spheres, which remained throughout. After we sang "The Lord into His Garden Comes" and more Blessed Couples entered I could see the true children, Heung Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim, and later, Hae Jin Nim. They were giving direction and also observing. Their spirit and attitude was, I felt, one of natural harmony and co-operation as well as one of taking responsibility As Dae Mo Nim took her place on stage, I was surprised at how clearly I could see her and the beautiful Korean dress she wore. Someone entered with a silver container and sprinkled pink petals on the floor of the stage. I saw Hae Jin Nim, wearing a pink Korean dress. 

While Dae Mo Nim spoke, there appeared behind her two gold crowns on a chair behind her. The wish papers were presented to Dae Mo Nim. At the same time Heung Jin Nim stood next to her and together received the wish papers. His heart moved me very much! As Dae Mo Nim received each member, Heung Jin Nim leaned forward, as if to shake hands. He then looked directly into the member's eyes and without words expressed his sincere heart and desire to serve and support us through the fulfillment of Wish Papers on behalf of True Parents. He expressed this heart to each member who presented the boxes of papers. I was deeply moved to witness this expression of unconditional love to us and incredible heart of filial piety towards True Parents. I have already witnessed the spirit world moving to answer several of wishes.


Shortly before the start of the Ahn Soo session, I became aware of two angels standing beside me. They were tall and very strong. I watched as they pulled spirits off my body. The spirits were like a shadow, black with sharp uneven edges, like dark ghosts. They did not struggle. The spiritual activity during the Ancestor Liberation and Ahn Soo session was very busy. All the angels were moving very quickly, like lightening. So all I saw were silver /white flashes everywhere. For a brief moment I saw an opening along the middle of the room leading towards Dae Mo Nim. After some time the activity in the room calmed and soon afterwards in the balcony, also.


Observing the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony from the balcony was a profound experience. The decoration of the room at that time became more beautiful, With long white curtains, two white doves, two silver bells -joined. Between each chair of the descendants seated there was placed either a large pink, white or lilac carnation. There was also gold running along each row of seats and a single gold band around 8cm diameter around the whole room. Before the ceremony I noticed a huge white cloud of ancestors above the descendants. This later disappeared.

The atmosphere was very similar to our Blessing time. Very calm and serious, especially during the Holy Wine Ceremony. Here, the ancestors stood as couples in front of their descendant. There was a queue in front of each descendant. After they received the Holy Wine they went behind the descendant and formed an orderly line to the right. The atmosphere and the ancestors were very still during the sprinkling of Holy Water. They faced each other for the exchange of rings. A blessing ring appeared on the finger of the ancestors. At the same time I became aware of the beautiful fragrance from the flowers in the room. The ancestors proceeded calmly. However one female ancestor was obviously very excited like it was her Wedding Day. She was very happy! Finally Chris Davies offered a song about angels and ancestors. During his performance a huge cake from the spirit world appeared. It was similar to ours but approximately three times bigger with candles on top. 

As the ceremony drew to a close, our officiators prepared to present a bouquet of flowers to Dae Mo Nim. At the same time Heung Jin Nim and all the other True Children stood in a row, side by side, next to Dae Mo Nim. She received the bouquet with a big smile. 

Finally, as we closed, I could sense the deep joy and gratitude of these newly blessed ancestors. They seemed overwhelmed by our efforts, as if they couldn't believe that we had gone through all this preparation, and paid such attention to detail, just for them. They were deeply and profoundly grateful.

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