Unification News for May 2005

Crowning Ceremony for the Iseda Family and Tribe

by Kiyohito and Heidi Iseda
March 18, 2005

Last Friday, March 18th our family held a Crowning Ceremony for the King and Queen of Peace and Cheon Il Guk Registration Blessing. This is basically for my tribe, most of whom live in the state of California. My husband, Kiyohito, is originally from Japan, but we've been living here in this city which I consider my hometown in America because most of my relatives live here. (I'm originally from the Philippines.)

We've been living in this city of Rosemead since 1991, when True Parents gave direction to move to our hometown and witness to our relatives. They have attended many of the public speeches whenever the True Family come here to speak, and through the years have turned positive (from being negative) towards True Parents. They have all received the blessing as previously married couples or as singles. None have joined or studied the Principle directly, but they have received True Father's words through some readings (HDH) I have done with them around the time when my mother passed on to the spirit world two years ago, so I know they have interest in hearing and understanding True Parents' teachings.

It came to me one day while watching a slide show of True Parents' recent activities at church, that my family should offer a crown to True Parents while they are physically alive on the earth. I felt a strong push from my ancestors to do it, while at the same time inspired by Rev. Dr. Jenkins and Rev. Antonio Betancourt's testimony about the Crowning Ceremony they did with their clans. I really couldn't see why we can't do it. I also felt this was a good time as our youngest daughter's birthday is coming up this month, and we usually gather together as a tribe to celebrate each other's birthday. I thought this would be a perfect time to do both the crowning ceremony and the birthday party.

To make a long story short, with the support of my community leader and members' families, I began the preparation for the ceremony both internally (through a prayer condition), and externally (researching where to get the crown, place to hold it, etc.). Ten days before the event I sent invitiations and made phone calls to all my relatives in town.

The day of the ceremony came, and the rain started to fall (as was forecasted, rain came back to Southern California on that day.), so those who live farther away couldn't make it. Fortunately, my eldest relative and his wife were able to come. (Both my parents and all grandparents are in the spiritual world, so I wanted my eldest relative to do the crowning.) But the rain and some missing relatives didn't dampen our spirits. The ceremony was held after a short explanation on the history of the crowning ceremonies beginning from God, Jesus, then True Father and True Mother, and an excerpt of True Father's speech, "The Perfect Restoration of Cain and Abel Brotherhood and the Ideal World of Creation" given at Cheong Pyong on True Parents' Birthday and King of Peace Crowning Ceremony of Cosmic Unity. After my uncle and his wife offered the crown, our spiritual children, a Chinese couple, who are leaders of a group called "World Headquarters for Mankind's Greatest Knowledge and Potentialities" based in Taiwan, offered the flowers to True Parents. About four other blessed families were in attendance to support the event. After taking some pictures, we proceeded to celebrate our daughter's ninth birthday. She also has a little crown on, and she looked like a beautiful heavenly princess.

I felt my ancestors were very proud and happy about the ceremony. It was not easy to prepare for it. Many things happened internally and externally that still tried to prevent it from happening, but in the end we were victorious. Now, my husband and I feel that our mission as tribal messiahs and representatives of True Parents are much more real. There's no more shying from it. We carry the heart of True Parents whereever we go, express it to whoever we meet, it's no longer just us who meet them, but God is meeting them and giving them love through us.

We're so grateful to have such a blessed event. Truly, this is the "era after the coming of Heaven", and nothing is going to stop the Kingdom of Heaven from being built. Thank you Heavenly Father and True Parents and the spiritual world.

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