Unification News for May 2005

Tribal Crown of Peace for Anglins & Olsons

by Steve & Mary Anglin / Jerry & Rossio Olson
Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday: the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a great day, we thought, for the resurrection of our own lineage through the Crown of Peace Ceremony. What was especially important is that my elder sister, who is a faithful practicing Catholic, requested to be able to host this ceremony at her own home, rather than at a hotel.

My husband and I moved to my home state 12 years ago. At first we concentrated on rebuilding relationships which had been strained over my 18-year absence. Over the past 5 years we became very busy with church work and invested less and less in our family. We've often felt guilty and burdened by this. After having a little time to digest Father's direction to hold the Coronation Ceremonies for our own clans, we realized this is perfect. For all those things we didn't do for our family, at least we could do this.

Both my parents, as well as all my aunts and uncles, passed into the spiritual world in the past few years. So twenty-five of my siblings, nieces and nephews gathered together. My brother and his wife drove 500 miles from Dallas, Texas to Topeka, Kansas to take part.

When the day and the crowd arrived, we opened by explaining that we were holding a Crown of Peace ceremony, which would bring great benefit to our lineage by connecting us to the global peace movement and the cosmic peace kingdom. We then showed the video "the Path to Peace", which was a great inspiration and perfect lead-in to the crown presentation. My brother Jerry and his wife Rossio (30,000 couple) offered the crowns to my husband Steve and I (2075 couple). After this we sealed the offering by everyone partaking of Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine. We then distributed gifts to all attendees, and concluded with prayer.

(In preparing for the ceremony, we tried desperately to find suitable mementos for everyone, related to a crown. When we couldn't find anything suitable, I finally put the question to spirit world: 'what do we do?' I immediately received "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. This is a Crown of PEACE, focus on that." So my husband designed mini-posters with this scripture, decorated with a crown. We signed and dated the backs of these and put them into clear acrylic frames.)

Several people commented that they had 'felt something happen' during the crowning and holy wine. Even those non-religious participants appreciated this ceremony and their little mementos of their induction into the Peace Kingdom!

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