Unification News for May 2005

New Blessed Family Association Website!

by Jim Stephens

Since we've begun to revive the Blessed Family Association, a lot has happened. Last October, we held our first BFA Convocation at UTS as part of the Educator's Conference. We elected our first Board of Directors and adopted bylaws. We've been helping to sponsor family-related programs and communication that can now be seen on the new BFA Website.

You'll notice right away that this Website is designed as a communications forum for Blessed Families everywhere. You can find out what's happening elsewhere in the country and post information about the good things you've been doing. You can get help or give help with Matching, Marriage Enrichment, Counseling, Education, Ascended Spouses, Special Needs, Adoption, Recreation or any other area. You can share valuable resources with others and see what colleges BCs are attending. You can even sign up for an Anniversary Cruise in 2007!

Please take the time to register your family on the Website. Click on the "New to BFA?" button. It will take a few minutes - we need your family information to make everything work. Once your registration is complete, you'll have access to the whole Website and you can add information to it. Your contributions will help many other families.

If you get stuck, email us at: info@blessedfamilies.org and we'll help you out! Your comments and feedback are welcome, too.

To log on now, click http://www.blessedfamilies.org. Select "New to BFA?" to get started. After the first time, use your new username and password to log in. (If you check "Remember Logon" you'll log on automatically in the future.)

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