Unification News for May 2005

Six Join at Two-Day Workshop in Atlanta

by Min. Charles Deline

The Education and Witnessing Departments in Atlanta held a workshop from April 22nd to the 24th. Our goal was to have a minimum of ten guests, but we were blessed with the attendance of thirteen guests, including three Christian ministers, one Muslim sister, two married couples, and three Second Generation. In all, the workshop was staffed and attended by twenty-six loving brothers and sisters. Mrs. Kasongo coordinated the workshop; the Second Generation centering on sis. Joyce Bologo prepared the spiritual atmosphere before every presentation and even the meals. The lectures were given by myself and our Vice-Regional Director, Rev. Kasongo. The workshop was held at the beautiful John Tanner State Park, about fifty miles from Atlanta.

From the start, we were united that we wanted each participant to have a spiritual awakening. We wanted the participants to acknowledge the Second Coming, join our family and prepare to receive the Blessing. The spirit of the Lord moved so powerfully during the workshop that many of the participants couldn't contain their desires to know if Rev. Moon was indeed the messiah. Rev. Kasongo did not pull any punches, but testified boldly during his presentation of the Second Coming about True Parents. According to the participants, the lectures only confirmed what the Lord had already placed in their hearts.

Most of the participants testified during the group discussions that they had been feeling spiritually empty for a long time. Two of the participants said that they had been "Church-Out." They wanted something more from their churches because they felt there had to be something more. After hearing the Divine Principle, they knew why their spirits were so uneasy. The testimonies and reflections were recorded to be released on DVD soon. At the end of the workshop I extended an open invitation for membership. Six of the participants gladly signed up to become members of the Atlanta Family Church of Peace. Our Regional Director, Rev. Yang, is very determined that every workshop should bring results. He has inspired each member to bring one new member for 2005. We are so thankful to Heavenly Father and True Parents for such blessings and we are looking forward to doubling our membership this year.

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