Unification News for May 2005

Resurrection Retreat for 2nd Generation in Ohio

by Roger Bair

In March of 1972, Susan Finnegan (Fefferman) became the pioneer missionary for our movement in Ohio. She came alone, but with the grace of God and the vision of True Parents, her heartistic investment and pioneer spirit established a firm foundation, which has lasted through the years. Since that time, Ohio has seen countless leadership changes, numerous shifts and transitions in focus, the providence and even our name. To this day, however, it is not uncommon to hear it said by those who visit the "Ohio Family" that there is "something special here" or "there is so much potential here".

On March 26, 2005 Kaeleigh Fefferman, the sixteen year old daughter of Dan and Susan Fefferman came to Ohio with three older BC's, Jasun Fedema, Christa Sofinowski and Solomon Pobanz to serve as the core staff for a workshop of 2nd generation teens. The idea and inspiration for this particular workshop developed after Kaeleigh had the opportunity to visit Ohio with the WAIT team last year. Friendships quickly emerged from this visit and it wasn't long after that plans for this workshop began to surface. She commented at the beginning of the workshop that she really wanted to offer something to the 2nd generation in Ohio that would help them in their life of faith and form life-long bonds of heart.

B. Schrattenecker, the sixteen year old son of Josef and Tomiyo Schrattenecker took the lead among the teens in Ohio in organizing and coordinating together with Kaeleigh. Through Heavenly Father's guidance a workshop site was found in Rogers, Ohio, near Youngstown at a Lutheran campground called Camp Frederick. This turned out to be the perfect setting for what was to take place. With the dates for the workshop announced (Saturday, March 26 through Tuesday, March 29, 2005) and discussion among the teens began in earnest, the question of parental involvement came to the surface. I immediately felt inspired to lend my support and involvement and decided to take off work in order to serve as the chaperone for this workshop. I will forever be grateful for having made this decision as it turned out to be a very enriching experience.

The core staff did such an amazing job of planning and organizing. They are to be congratulated for their example of heart and dedication to the teens that had gathered from all over Ohio. From the moment that we arrived at camp Frederick, it was non stop action of building lasting relationships of heart with each other. Each day began with 5:00 AM Hoon Dok Hae and consisted of various activities aimed at team building as well as developing personal and community level goals. Several times I was overcome with emotion seeing the bonding and feeling the spirit as these precious sons and daughters of True Parents blossomed and grew.

Just as Jesus resurrected after 33 years of life on earth, I truly believe this workshop was a resurrection of our 2nd generation 33 years after Susan Fefferman first came to Ohio. Once again I want to say Thank You to Kaeleigh, Christa, Jasun and "Sol" for a job well done. Also, Thanks to Craig Smith who was able to be with us the entire time and "wowed" the group with an inspiring, updated version of the Parallels of Human History lecture. Three other parents were able to be with us for one night each, Marilyn Morris, Gwenn Bair and Megumi Lindstrom.

Some reflections:

The schedule was pretty hard and all with waking up at 5 A.M. and going to bed at 12 P.M. But you kept us busy and there was always something to do or something to talk about. I'd also like to mention the staff. Ok first of all, no offense to the guys or anything, but Christa and Kaeleigh were so awesome to us. I felt like we were connected right away. After meeting them I felt like my whole body was lighter like my burdens were not as important and I felt so happy. It seems like I haven't felt that way in a while. But all of you truly made me remember what church life used to be like. Now I want to go more and become reconnected with God so I thank you for helping me find that sort of inner peace with God and myself to make me want to go to church functions more....

I came to this workshop thinking it was going to be lecture-ish. I said, "I'll go" but not whole-heartedly. I also thought it was going to be in a nicer place. I judged this workshop too early and too fast. We came a few hours early and I already started to have a good time. When everyone arrived I was like okay here we go. Then it turns out that this workshop is for us to grow using help from 2nd Gen.....

I got to bond with the BC's in Ohio and learn a purpose in life...

This workshop has helped me to teach me to love again when I see another BC all I can do is try to help them, teach them, show them I care.....

I also set goals for myself. And I really hope to accomplish them. Jaybo is a really good person. His words are so deep and they mean a lot to me. When I got here I prejudged a lot of people. But once I got to know them they were pretty cool...

.... I feel more prepared and less lost and more spiritually driven and more CONFIDENT as a result of this workshop. We had so much fun doing all the activities and singing and testimonies and sports and just spending free time. This was a good camp and a good environment for us to do our activities. The core staff really came up with good stuff. They're the best. They really understood us and knew what we wanted. And they knew what we needed to hear. I feel more prepared for the Blessing, hearing the core staff's answers to our questions...

The lectures were amazing, especially Uncle Craig's. It made me think so much and made me more determined to do whatever I can to help God.

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