Unification News for April 2005

Lamson Clan crowns the King and Queen of Peace

Mike Lamson
March 17, 2005 - Raleigh, NC

On March the 17th the Lamson clan gathered in North Carolina to crown the King and Queen of Peace and to recognize the position and responsibility of True Parents in this era of settlement.

As a family the Crowning Ceremony was something we had been talking about for many months. Each time we would start to make a date something would happen which caused us to postpone the event. It was surprising, how difficult it was to make something like this happen. When we finally set the date for the 17th of March, so many things started to happen to interfere with what we were planning. There were many issues which came up within our family and also within our own life of faith as unificationists that had long been covered up. The experience was like hanging up our dirty laundry for the family and ancestors to see. We took comfort in Fathers words that if we go to our families at this time it will not be as hard as we thought because the ancestors are with us and the peace kingdom has come. He says that the ancestors are taking action from Heaven. For us this sounded good but it was not until we made the commitment to complete the crowning ceremony that Father's words became a reality we could hold close to our hearts. One day we can write a book about all the things which happened Ð the drama, the comedy.

On the 17th however a heavenly spirit ascended on our house and everything seemed to fit together like the pieces of a fine watch. Mom Lamson, the mother of Art and Mike, planned and prepared the meal, the kids made the banner,and Gail Davis made the beautiful crowns. In spite of our feelings of unworthiness the ceremony proceeded, and the King and Queen of Peace were celebrated in our clan.

We were so inspired by the efforts Rev. Jenkins and the Betancourt clan put into realizing the crowning ceremony in their clans and we felt so strongly that this was the right time to be clear about who we are and what we believe. It is now time that as families connected by lineage and within our neighborhood that we inherit and fulfill the position of True Parents ourselves and that we lift up the King and Queen of Peace to the cosmic level.

The Regional Director Rev. Cho, the State Leader Burgi Hutcherson and friends from the community helped us to celebrate this wonderful event in our clan. There are really no words that can express how grateful we are for the support of leaders and members in North Carolina. Mike's wife Wiveka participated in Cameroon at the same time.

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