Unification News for April 2005

World CARP - Pure Love Studies

by Tadaichi Tate
April 2005

Where ever you go, images of sex can be found with a turn of a head to look up at a billboard or with a switch of a channel on TV. It has degraded our culture, tempting today's youth to follow their carnal desires instead of pursing real beauty and true love. Women are being treated more as sex objects while men have become hunters with a mindset to see how many women they can sleep with. Families are breaking right before our eyes as divorce is being accepted as normal, AIDS and other STDs are widespread, and prostitution pollutes the late night streets.

There have been many organizations to tackle these problems, however, Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the first to establish academics strictly for this cause. In 1999, he established the first Pure Love Studies Major at Sun Moon University. It is not only to educate the youth about the values of purity, but to help them actualize a culture of pure love, so they can make a world where people can live a life of pure love. The students are also nurtured to become leaders who can spread these values and messages and to help educate and guide world leaders in this endeavor.

In order to do this, it first guides the students to substantiate these values by helping them realize the importance of a life of purity. They also receive training and practice throughout their 4 years of study. After graduating, they will go overseas and become Pure Love Missionaries for 4 years, educating and spreading its message and also assist Peace Ambassadors to help realize a world of peace where true love can be actualized.

In a world where self-individualism is becoming rampant, the message of purity hasn't always been received with great fanfare. Mishuku Nikkuni, a senior in pure love studies, admitted, "Sometimes it's hard because not everyone agrees with our thought. Of course there are those that oppose us like lesbians and extreme feminists."

However, Nikkuni has said that the one value she's learned over anything is that, "Purity itself is to live for others. In other words, it is to build the world of true love." The pure love lifestyle asks one to be pure not only for their own sake so that they can be protected by AIDS and STDs, but to develop their character and mature their love. This is accomplished not by following their selfish desires. Through leading a lifestyle for the sake of others' happiness, they are expanding their hearts and strengthening their ability to give, emitting rays of hope and beauty to their environment. With a deeper capacity to give love, marriage will stand on a firmer commitment. Naturally, stronger families will arise, shining true love in society. This lesson has helped Nikkuni overcome temptations and strive for the ideals of pure love. "If all people in the world live a pure life then that is heaven."

Purity is one of the values of W-CARP, and many pure love studies students often work together with W-CARP. They go out and teach middle and high school students the importance of purity, have constant gatherings and teachings, and hold festive events amongst others. Hwa Jin Song, a graduate of pure love studies and is the pure love missionary to Austria, said, "Through working with W-CARP, I was able to solidify my internal foundation and prepare for my future mission."

Hang Yun Baek, pure love missionary to Slovakia, testified, "I was deeply moved when I realized that the lifestyle I brought here was connected with my four years in college." This shows not only the change, but also the consistency in the students' lives about pure love even after they graduate. They are living testament that pure love is not just an ideal, but a reality that can be the backbone of everyday life.

For more about pure love studies, visit the Sun Moon University website at http://grus.sunmoon.ac.kr/english/main.asp or contact their office. Tel. 82-41-530-2064 Fax. 82-41-530-2065, tyrone@worldcarp.org

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