Unification News for April 2005

World CARP - Fresh Culture Jam

by Nari Stephens

At the University of Maryland, World CARP Maryland recently held an event called the "Fresh Culture Jam" to show other students our vision for what a true culture can be. Our program's theme was to declare and express a true and new culture through dance, music, performance, and creativity. Culture is so important because it surrounds us, informs us and becomes the framework for our lives, and true culture should uphold freedom, but recognize personal responsibility and consequences.

Through music, poetry and dance, students at Maryland could not only taste what true culture is about, but also had an enjoyable time in the process and even contributed to it with their own talents. Each performance was introduced with an aspect of what a true culture is, and then the performance illustrated it.

While most of the performances were by the WAIT(Washington Aids International Team) team. We did have one by a member of the audience and by a Christian rapper. One of the songs, "Save Yourself", sung by WAIT team was very moving. Some students were even moved to tears. After the performances there was a short and sweet talk about the way culture is, how it influences us, how it must change, and where that change is going to start. The conclusion of the evening was that culture begins within each of us as individuals, and we discussed what we can do as individuals.

I tried to make it pretty relaxed. Not about understanding something intellectually, but to experience something by being in the atmosphere. I guess you can think of it as the principle of "osmosis" or something along those lines. learn through absorption. I think that added to its effect may be one of the reasons why people seemed to like the idea and the event itself.

I am most grateful to Kate Tsubata and the WAIT team who partnered with us to make this program a success.

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