Unification News for April 2005

Blessing Seminar Alabama Region Written by Regional Representative for 2nd Generation Blessing: Kinuko Rotondo

Date: April 2nd ~ 3rd, 2005 For Whom: For 2nd Generation Children 14 years old and up The attendance was 32 children. The objective: 1) To educate the children to understand the basic requirement of the Blessing and the meaning of the Blessing. 2) To educate the children to think more deep about their role as the Blessed children. 3) To educate the children to connect God & True Parents more deep level. The sub-theme was "finding God within our self".

I feel like I have on-going conflict ruling me. So I enjoyed the workshop. It's like we as second-generation know the truth but we need reinforcement every once in a while. " a fresh start " To learn new things, spark interest and conversation ( healthy conversation ). To clear our heads of secular ideas, concepts and " their truth". So I feel like I have a clear mind now for the first time in a long time. It's nice. It's times like these I feel like God really does have a plan for each and every one of us.

Girl, 19 years old

Dear Heavenly Father

So far this workshop has inspired and uplifted me so incredibly. Rev. Seo is truly an amazing communicator to the 2nd generation. I feel so much stronger and ready to receive the blessing. The whole blessing concept, to me, became so much clearer. I'm so grateful to have this wonderful community Alabama to come to for this workshop.

Girl, 16 years old

I really found this workshop useful for many people. I saw changes in them and them asking questions really from their heart. The group discussion was very helpful. The schedule was pretty good. An added group activity would be a nice addition. Talks were good, not drawn out, but to the point. Overall I've really enjoyed myself and am very happy to have been able to attend. Thanks.

Girl, 16 years old

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