Unification News for April 2005

ACLC South Carolina

On February 26, we had a monthly ACLC luncheon meeting at the Ryan's Steakhouse in Columbia, South Carolina. Over the lunch, we had a meaningful discussion with Christians and Muslims together.

from the left, Pastor Diana James, Rev. Arthur James, and Sister Ester Muhammad (Nation of Islam)

We have been looking for a format for our ACLC meetings. First, we determined to have meeting every month, even if we don't have guests. And we started having it at a buffet- style restaurant so that we don't have to spend time and man power fixing the lunch. Video presentations used to be our main educational tool, but we found out that we couldn't catch the participants' heart with a one-way method.

Applying a suggestion from a Japanese missionary and our members and adopting a round table discussion in Atlanta Region, we began a discussion session with ministers. The topic is "Family." I introduce excerpts from Father's speeches, and all participants, including guests, offer their opinions on it. We talked about creating peace between husband and wife in January and taking actions for youth education as religious leaders in February.

Since then, with Japanese missionaries' investment, Pastor Diana James and Rev. Arthur James (her husband) became regular participants in our meeting. She actively participates in our discussion, and she gets inspired by speaking out what she feels.

In the February meeting, we agreed to publish a newsletter to reach the youth in our community. Now, all participants are looking forward to coming back to the next meeting.

We do have some challenges, but we saw hope as well in this meeting.

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