Unification News for April 2005

ACLC Monthly Luncheon Meeting in Memphis

March 19, 2005 - Memphis, Tennessee
By Friederun Abrahams

The meeting was held again at Greater Hope Baptist Church (Rev. Dr. Dannie D. Holmes) from 10 am to 11:15 am. After the video presentation, Rev. Saito gave the PowerPoint lecture on the spiritual world..

Rev. Holmes was the emcee. There was a very powerful atmosphere. All attending were captivated and wanted to hear more. There were Rev. Holmes, Rev. Ford (who incidentally signed up to go to Israel the first time for the upcoming trip), Rev. George McGlown (New St. Paul M.B.C., an Alumni from the ICC to Korea, 1988) and others.

Rev. McGlown loves Father and is the same age (85 years old). He had an unforgettable spiritual memory on the ÒRock of TearsÓ in Pusan in 1980Õs. He brought his entire congregation to True FatherÕs speech (50 State Tour) in Memphis, 2001. He is step by step getting his entire congregation to learn the DP and TP. So today Rev. Patterson, one of his assistant ministers, came with his wife and 2 daughters, as well as Mrs. Covington, a longtime church elder, and Rev. Harris, another of his pastors.

All of them always appreciate the text of FatherÕs words that we read each time at the meeting. There is an attitude of deep respect, humility and eagerness to learn in all of his church members. It gives me deep gratitude for the incredible work the spiritual world is doing, even though we still have so little faith.

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