Unification News for April 2005

Bay Area Community of Faith Breakfast

by Bento Leal

What a bright and festive occasion we enjoyed on Saturday, March 26, at our monthly COF breakfast held at the Bay Area Family Church under the theme: Easter: The Time of New Life for All Has Come.

On a bright, sunny morning Rev. Millian Lee of Sacramento opened with an energetic prayer, shouting, "Clap your hands! Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!" He got the crowd of 100 fired up, and that was just the beginning.

We then all enjoyed a sumptuous buffet breakfast prepared by Nancy Hewitt and her outstanding team of volunteers who came early to cook the sausages, scrambled eggs and hash browns. This was an Easter feast for sure! We then recognized with applause our host pastor.

Next, our BAFC International Choir, representing some 10 nations, strode into the hall with confidence and elegance as they took their positions up front. Under the powerful and professional direction of Zita Peruffo, the brothers and sisters sang two beautiful songs in exquisite harmony a Christian hymn and a rousing Gospel number. The place was rocking! The table was now set for our two excellent speakers.

Dr. Amos Brown of Third Baptist Church in San Francisco warmly greeted everyone and gave a brief report of his trip to Korea to attend the IIFWP International Conference and the Crown of Peace Ceremony honoring our True Parents. He expressed his love and appreciation for Father and Mother Moon, the True Parents. He commented on how vital it is that "people of all races, religions and national origins come together as one human family under God."He also said that a few of clergy friends asked him why he was associated with Rev. & Mrs. Moon. He answered them, "Don't be worried about the terms of "Father" and "Mother" Moon. Don't you have elder ladies in your church you call ~mother"? Don't you have elder deacons that you respect as "father"? We need to come together as brothers and sisters now more than ever."

Rev. Brown then said that we need to put our spiritual ideals into practice. He spoke of the many teenage young men who are hanging out on the streetcorners and going the wrong way. He is planning an event to bring these male teens together and empower them with a positive image of themselves, give them books to read, and then mentor them.

Pastor Kevin Thompson of the BAFC then shared about the true meaning of Easter including his impressions of a 15 year-old young boy in Korea in 1935 who cared deeply about a suffering world. This young man, "the boy Rev. Moon" tearfully prayed to God on that Easter Sunday morning and Jesus appeared to him and asked him to help bring the religious people of the world together. Since that moment, Rev. Moon has dedicated his life and ministry to establishing Godly families and religious unity for peace. Rev. Thompson went on to encourage the listeners to go to Israel "not with a cross, but with a fish of peace and an olive branch of peace" and that only then will the sons of Abraham open their hearts and embrace one another in lasting peace.

This coming week (on Tuesday, Mar. 29), Dr. Amos Brown, Rev. Rick Perry, and our brother Rev. David Rosenblum will be joining the World Peace Pilgrimage to Israel. We pray God's lessing upon them and their safe journey and return. We look forward to their testimonies at our next COF Breakfast on Saturday, April 23.

God is doing a mighty work! May we be His instruments each and every day!

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