Unification News for April 2005

Arizona ACLC Prayer Breakfast

March 26, 2005
Report by Rev. Staffan Berg

Twenty-one guests came for the Arizona ACLC Prayer Breakfast on March 23, 2005. We held it, as is our custom, from 9- 11 am on the fourth Saturday at the Ranch House Restaurant at the Dobson Golf Course, Mesa, Arizona.

Among those present were Rev. Lee Melton, MC, who masterfully moved our diverse crowd to have the atmosphere of a close- knit family. He read his own poetry, joked and jostled with the audience. New guests were (Jo Ann Crook's) Pastor Ronald van Fleet, Sr., Nondenominational Homeless Ministry, Phoenix, Arizona, and (Dianne Hickler's) Marsha Lord, University of Metaphysics minister.

We showed "The Path to Peace." All were moved, even though some had seen the movie several times before. Rev. Betty Tatalajski, founder and pastor of the Temple of Universality, eloquently made her debut as PowerPoint lecturer for the presentation "The Spiritual World and Physical World," which was followed by a spirit world testimony by Dianne Hickler, tribal messiah from Gilbert, Arizona.

When Rev. Tatalajski was sharing about her 25 year old nephew who had departed into the spiritual world a few months earlier, she suddenly asked if there was anybody who wanted to share something. Pastor van Fleet was ready and asked if the "ladies in white" could come up and lay hands on Rev. Tatalajski and pray over her to resolve her grief. The three ladies in white from Tucson and four others responded immediately to the call, and Rev. Melton offered an impromptu prayer from the heart. Indeed, we are in the business of reconciliation. Rev. van Fleet is Native American, Rev. Melton is black and the ladies in white are white.

Rev. Melton accepted the assignment to make his debut with the Introduction to Restoration PowerPoint at the upcoming April Prayer Breakfast.

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