Unification News for April 2005

ACLC Meeting Jacksonville, Florida

Rev. Chidester

The monthly ACLC Prayer Breakfast, March 26, 2005 at the Piccadilly Restaurant, was a constructive meeting of the ACLC partners in this religious community.

For the third consecutive monthly meeting in a row, Imam Zaid Mallick was in attendance and offered constructive comments during discussion time. He invited everyone to attend a dinner at the mosque that night.

Rev. Eddie Staton, the national founder of MAD Dads along with his wife, Frankie, gave an update on his work in the inner city. He expressed his appreciation for our continued support in bringing racial harmony and preventing crime.

Pastor Vastey Petit-Homme, who has been to many of our events and had us speak at his church last week, was also in attendance.

Dr. Elaine Kyle brought up again, as she has at previous meetings, that the problems of immorality, drugs and crime are best solved by bringing comprehensive Divine Principle education to the churches. With 12 Unificationists in attendance, the general agreement was reached that we will begin such education in the churches and special seminars to the public. To strengthen our commitment to this point, it was agreed that the content would be offered at every monthly prayer breakfast.

Now with the availability of four DP convocations, we will be directing our ACLC ministers, and hopefully new members who will be coming, to participate.

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