Unification News for April 2005

South Carolina Spring Workshop

by Rev. Hiroshi Jimbo

On the Easter weekend (March 25 - 27), South Carolina had a 3-day workshop for the second generation. One girl came from Charlotte, North Carolina; all together, 19 kids had a wonderful time.

In South Carolina, 8 second generation have been already blessed, and one of them had a baby (third generation) recently. Therefore, everyone is interested in the education of our second generation. We started planning this workshop two months ahead, and some parents sacrificed their time as workshop staff.

We used Rev. Schanker's Divine Principle lecture series for STF members on DVDs. The participants were inspired by the depth of the Divine Principle.

At Easter Sunday, on the final day of the workshop, all parents joined in the final lecture as Sunday Service. The lecture was "The "First and Second Advent." At the same time, we adapted it as a Divine Principle seminar for new guests, as we have been doing a Divine Principle seminar on the every fourth Sunday of the month. Therefore, some guests were invited and enjoyed our Easter Sunday Service. One couple, a member's cousin, had never heard the Divine Principle, but the cousin said it was very interested and wanted to hear more.

After the service, everyone enjoyed lunch together, and younger children hunted for Easter eggs. We felt that spring has come in South Carolina.

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