Unification News for April 2005

Rev. Jenkins Visits Northern California

by Bento Leal

Arriving on Saturday evening, March 5, Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins visited our Northern California church family for the first time by himself since becoming President of FFWPU-USA. Previously he had come as part of the entourage busily involved in True Parents' speaking tours. This time he came alone and was able to spend time to express his heart and soul to the members. What a treat indeed!

Rev. Thompson asked David Rosenblum and myself to join him in picking up Rev. Jenkins at the airport. That was a blessing since David and I were in the first UTS class with Rev. Jenkins way back in 1975-77. We then drove to a Denny's and reminisced about so many past experiences we had shared -- the highs and lows, the funny and sad -- so many things in our lives of faith. We also talked about this exciting providential time we are now in, and how we need to reach out and bring back all those precious members who had left over the years. It was really a brotherhood evening with a special filial son whom True Parents dearly love.

Early Sunday morning, a few of us, including Mr. & Mrs. Inose who were also visiting, gathered for breakfast with Rev. Jenkins at Rev. Man Ho Kim's home. Mrs. Kim and Tomoko Thick had prepared an outstandingly delicious Korean meal. Rev. Jenkins would later say it was the biggest breakfast he ever had in his life!

The table was now set for a powerful and uplifting Sunday Service, and so it was.

After the opening songs, the Children's Choir sang two beautiful songs under the direction of Kinuyo Denni and Lionel Chapital. Next was a Bible reading from Psalm 119:105 "Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path." Rev. Jenkins then preached with passion on the title "The Path We Walk". It was a powerful sermon calling for filial piety before God and True Parents centered on the Word. At times Rev. Jenkins was warm and familial, at other times he was filled with the Holy Spirit, preaching with fire like the prophets of old. He held everyone in rapt attention.

Here are some excerpts from his sermon (taken from my handwritten notes):

Does God always feel comfortable in your heart?

Let go of yourself and hold onto God and True Parents!

God's Word has power! Therefore read Hoon Dok Hae out loud! The Word gives Life and Resurrection!

True Father says there are two pillars in our life of faith: Hoon Dok Hae and Tong Bang Kyok Bah.

We've got to be rooted in Father's word!

Which Israel are we? We are the 4th Israel!

How much are you washing and scrubbing your soul with God's Word?

Father said you unite your mind and body by strengthening your original mind with God's Word.

Every one of us must have objects to whom we can give love.

We are Blessed Central Families -- the Holy Priests of the 4th Israel!

If you give everything with the right heart, then God shows up!

God wants us to expand the vertical line out horizontally through love.

Give your life -- take risks!

Do the Crown of Peace Ceremony with your own family.

You are building a Culture of Heart here.

When you start attending True Parents from your heart, they start attending you!

Is the vertical line truly set in your heart that you are True Parents' child? If so, then nothing can stop you!

At the end, Rev. Kim came to the podium and deeply appreciated Rev. Jenkins' word and spirit, and called upon all BAFC members to recommit ourselves in faith and attendance with such heart and zeal.

After service, many members came forward to greet and embrace Rev. Jenkins. We could all feel True Parents' spirit in the room. Rev. Jenkins' words of faith and encouragement will ring with us for a long, long time.

Upstairs, some 35 local Family Church and department leaders, including Dr. and Mrs. Mose Durst, met with Rev. Jenkins over lunch deliciously prepared by Kinuyo Denni and other helpers. At Rev. Kim's prompting, we all went around the circle and introduced ourselves. A few of us were asked to give brief reports on our activities. At the end, before having to dash off to the airport again, Rev. Jenkins stood and congratulated Rev. Kim and Rev. Thompson for creating such a powerful Family Church in Northern California. He said God will bless us beyond our dreams if we fully strengthen our vertical line with God and True Parents, and with our Regional Director (Rev. Kim) and State Leader (Rev. Thompson). When we do that with absolute faith, love and commitment, then a flood of impact will flow out horizontally and affect all we do.

Thank you for coming and for your words, Rev. Jenkins! May God continue to bless your family and your ministry. May He be the wind under your wings! Please come back soon and spend even more time with us, and we'll show you some of the sights that make the Bay Area such a beautiful and special place. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Thank you, True Parents.

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