Unification News for March 2005

Ceremony Marking Rev. Hwang Sun Jo Passing on His Mission as FFWPU International President and FFWPU Korean Church President

A ceremony marking the end of Rev. Hwang Sun Jo's term as the FFWPU International President was held on March 3, 2005 (Thursday) at 10 am, at Headquarters Church in Korea with the attendance of Rev. Kwak Chung Hwan and some 400 Korean leaders including former church presidents, heads of providential organizations and elder blessed families.

The ceremony, lead by Kim Jong Woo, Director of General Affairs of FFWPU Korea, was opened with a prayer by Rev. Pak Jeong Ho, regional director of Incheon. Rev. Pak No Hi, regional director of North Seoul, explained briefly about many achievements Rev. Hwang accomplished during his tenure. A flower bouquet was presented to Rev. Hwang, and Rev. Kwak presented a plaque for the meritorious achievements of the departing president. Rev. Hwang then gave his parting address which was followed by Rev. Kwak's words of encouragement. Rev. Kim Chang Geun, regional director of South Gyeonggido closed the ceremony with three cheers of Mansei.

During his parting address, Rev. Hwang recounted his first encounter with True Parents in the early days of his life of faith and talked about how he could never forget the feelings he had that day. He recalled how he had strived to do his best for God's providence and in following True Parents' words but confessed how much he failed to do as he looked back. He emphasized that, from this day forth, he would become a tribal messiah to restore 430 families and invest his entire being in tongban kyokpa. He also displayed a firm heart of absolute obedience, pledging to be one who can bring hope to the elderly couples and members who had supported him.

Rev. Hwang was appointed as the president of FFWPU Korea on July 10, 1997 and was later given the position as the international president of FFWPU on June 16, 1999. With the church members, he assisted True Parents in numerous providential events beginning with the advent of the FFWPU age, the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship, the blessing for registering in Cheon Il Guk, the transition from the era before heaven to the era of heaven, and the Crowning Ceremony of Cosmic Unity.

In his address, Rev. Kwak expressed his gratitude for Rev. Hwang's hard work. Instead of touching upon the ceremony and Rev. Hwang's mission and his accomplishment as the president of FFWPU, Rev. Kwak asked all the participants to understand this change as something in line to begin the era of heaven which is an era to bring about the safe and complete settlement of the age of Cheon Il Guk. He emphasized that this was part of the great changes of our organizations in this providential time period. In this light, a separate ceremony appointing a new president for FFWPU Korea and FFWPU International will not be held. With Rev. Hwang's departure, Rev. Kwak will now take the position as the international president of FFWPU.

Rev. Kwak conveyed True Parents' desire for the church, Foundation and providential organizations to run under a one integrated system. This comes from the need of a single integrated organization centering on the True Family which is in line with the new age since the organization and system of the age of restoration can no longer keep up with the rapid changes of providence.

In particular, Rev. Kwak conveyed True Parents' desire for all blessed families to become like nerves and neural cells in a body that can transmit God's ideal to the world. He emphasized True Parents' fervent desires for the integrity and role of blessed families to have their tribes understand God's will and attend True Parents so that they can registered in Cheon Il Guk.

More recently, True Parents gave directions to create two hoondok organizations in all 3,516 towns, townships, and villages in Korea, and to create over 7,000 or 12,000 hoondok organizations by the end of this year.

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