Unification News for March 2005

The Media and the Message

by Dr. Hendricks

Aldo and Elenice Sensini, a blessed central family living in Upstate New York region, have made a big impact in their town of Kingston. As do many of our families, the Sensinis distribute holy candy to give the blessing of marriage. Elenice has made many friends among local businesses who put her candy with the True Love pledge on the counter. A reporter with the local paper was inspired by what she saw in one shop, and looked up Elenice and asked for an interview.

Elenice shared with the reporter for about three hours, and the paper sent a photographer to her house. The story is wonderfully appreciative of the spirit of supporting marriage and family life. It includes the text of the True Love pledge in the article, with a great photo of Elenice, her husband Aldo, and their five children preparing the holy candy. The story names the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, founder of Elenice's church, to which she gives credit for her marriage ministry and her beautiful family. The reporter told Elenice that she felt she could write an entire book about the content of their interview.

The article appeared on the front page of the "People and Events" section of the Sunday paper on February 14, True Parents' birthday and Crowing Ceremony for Cosmic Unity and also Valentine's Day. Reverend Kiyeal Lee, Regional Director of Upstate New York, proclaimed this as a victory for all the dedicated families of our region and throughout America.

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