Unification News for March 2005

ACLC in North Carolina

by Rev. Burgi Hutcherson

On March 1st 2005 we had our monthly ACLC Prayer breakfast. Rev. Linda Guy, Pastor of the Anointed Tabernacle in Greensboro, NC was our great host pastor, assisted by Rev. Fannie Garrison. Early in the morning Pastor Guy came to the church to prepare a good Southern Breakfast. Missionary Cynthia Hill, Ingeborg Nakahira and myself also arrived early to help with the preparations.

We had 13 pastors and religious leaders (9 women and 4 men) and 7 FFWPU representatives attending. I was very amazed about the great leadership role of all these leaders and could see clearly their great calling to kingdom building. Many leaders were pastors, ministers, prophetesses and elders representing 10 different churches. 8 leaders came for the first time to an event like this. It was also unusual to have more women leaders there than men. It showed the great investment of our woman host pastor and the current providence.

As the Emcee of the program I expressed sincere gratitude for the attendance of everybody, then Pastor Linda Guy gave warm words of welcome. Many of the leaders did not know about the purpose and mission of ACLC, so I gave some brief introduction to its mission, purpose and history. Then Bishop Hickman blessed the food. We all enjoyed the good cooking from the ladies.

After the breakfast missionary Cynthia Hill and Sun Niles sang a song for the ministers. It lifted our hearts. Then we showed the video " In Search of an Ideal", which prepared the people to receive the message of the keynote speaker, Brother John Winfrey. Brother John had just recently returned from the Peace Summit in Korea and was empowered to share. He spoke with conviction and zeal. He went into detail about a snapshot view and the big picture view. It was straightforward and uncompromising. Nobody could dispute him. He stood up for the work of ACLC and you could strongly sense his personal conviction for the heavenly cause. He was filled with fire. You could see there was nothing which would deter him from his path.

The breakfast concluded with announcements, a closing song "Amazing Grace" and a closing prayer by Rev. Fannie Garrison.

I felt a new area is dawning, especially with the woman in ministry. Each of those ladies was prepared for this time. I had the privilege to get to know prophetess Judy Anderson a little better. She was called from Atlanta to come to Greensboro, NC 4 months ago. She came with a vision and a dream. God called her to build an army of worshiping warriors, called "Daughters of Destiny". She was also revealed that Nathaniel Greene who was the Major General of the Southern Army in the Revolutionary War is her ancestor from her mother's side. Also, Greensboro is the "Gate City" to the United States. Greensboro was named for her Uncle Nathaniel Greene.

Listening to her testimony affirmed to me the huge support going on from the spiritual world to support the expansion of Cheon Il Guk. Healing is in the land. Glory to God the Highest!.

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