Unification News for March 2005

Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly 2005

Sun Myung Moon
February 17, 2005

Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins. These are notes through a simultaneous translation. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for publication on the words of Rev. Moon. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

I will give each one of the leaders here the Cheong Sung Gyeong (Holy Scripture). Every person must learn how to read the Korean This should occur rapidly even by the end of this year. We cannot translate this into many languages. It will make more problems.

If you offer 3/10 as an offering you will be able to go anywhere at any time. This will be a key condition in the Kingdom of God. The Cheong Sung Gyeong should be given to each person. After you receive it, you should go to your hometown. The Cheong Sung Gyeong should be broken up into many volumes. Then it can be carried at all times. Also, instruction can be given on which section should be read on each day throughout the world.

Your ancestors (parents also) are in the position of the Archangel to support you. Your ancestors are watching over you. If you don't make the proper conditions it will be a problem. All your ancestors should not remain in the archangel position but rather all should be blessed and engrafted into the lineage of our True Parents. Adam and Eve should be in the position of the Elder Son. Ancestors should really be like brothers and sisters. If you don't know the Korean language, you can never be like the elder brother. The branches of the false Olive Tree should be grafted into the True Olive tree. We must emphasize that we should bless our children to our enemies. We should emphasize intercultural and interracial marriages. Otherwise there will be division and fighting in the future. This will make a unified Tree of Life that will blossom. First, Second and Third Generation must be blessed and united.

There should no longer be advanced nations and underprivileged nations. The three disciples of Jesus were not united with him. Three generations must be united to restore this. This will create unity.

There should no longer be division between internal and external. Without that unity, we can never bring the world to God. All media institutions must be harmonized with the internal truth and perspective or otherwise we cannot bring the Kingdom of Heaven.

There must be a clear difference between the era before the coming of Heaven and the era after the coming of Heaven. Rev. Kwak and Mr. Joo, you must understand that you must fulfill your responsibility and develop your creativity. If we do not fulfill our responsibility, our mind and body will be divided. In this condition we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Everything in the spirit is computerized. Nothing can be hidden. Everything will be revealed.

We should go beyond 80. January 1, 1968 was the first God's Day. From that moment, I knew that I had to push myself to be absolutely correct. We cannot lie. Even Mother and I could be in trouble if I didn't tell her what she needs to know. Some of you have done things wrong secretly behind your spouse-- you cannot do this. This must be stopped.

The elders should return to their own hometown. At the time of Moses, the chosen people had to establish their hometown. They had to keep faith in Moses. This is the same time.

Americans, raise your hand. Are you just citizens of America? (No, we are first citizens of the Kingdom of God.) That's right. You should not be proud that America is the number one power. This will lead to problems. You should be humble and realize that your true identity is that you are citizens of the Kingdom of God.

Americans and Africans should exchange homes. This would be so beautiful in the sight of God. God's way is to always harmonize the highest and most developed foundation with the smallest or least developed. This is God's way. Satan cannot do this. Satan wants separation and pride.

Jacob did not marry the younger and more beautiful daughter; he married Leah first. Hometown is the destiny of all of God's people. We must engraft our hometown into the lineage of heaven. We must push our bodies down and allow our conscience to take the lead. The mind has the strongest power. This way must be applied to the individual, family, tribe, nation and world. Your mind and body must become one.

The Islamic world and the Christian world are in conflict. This is a serious problem. What is the root of the situation in the Holy Land? Abel did not love his enemy. Christianity and America must take the position to show the way of loving your enemy. Jewish people must love the Muslim people and vice versa.

True Parents, Elder brother, younger brother -- this is the reality of relations in the Cheon Il Guk. Cain and Abel are united through True Love. Americans should exchange homes with Africans. This not a threat; this is the way I've been living. That's why every nation must have a central figure from the Fatherland. Every area should have a representative of True Parents from the Fatherland. They represent the elder brother; they must give love to the younger brother. Then they will succeed. This is the pattern. Without love, you can't succeed.

There must be three united together in one home or one area, and then God can dwell there. Through this path of harmonization through love, ultimately we come to be one with God's heart. One generation cannot make God's lineage; there must be at least three generations.

Michael Jenkins, do you understand? (Algay sumnida!) You must say Al Gey sumnida. Everyone must learn Korean. This is very important. The problem with English is that there are not built- in words of respect and order. You say "you" to a child and "you" to a grandfather. This is impossible in Korean. You have different words to delineate each level of respect for the person you are speaking to. This is the problem. Western clothes are somewhat uncomfortable. What is this tie? It is like a noose !!! I feel like I'm being strangled. The Korean culture is centered on the heart. The more Americans can inherit the culture of heart, the better. The culture of heart.

Look at the bottom of your shoes - it should be worn straight. If it is not, it shows that your mind is not straight. Rev. Lee is the Continental director of Africa; he has been begging for Cheong Sung Gyeong for Africa.

You should walk in a dignified way. Also, it should be very natural. You who are far in the back, you are not falling asleep? The province that I am from has some rough language, so I can speak that way. When we walk, we should walk with dignity.

Who did not receive honorary degrees? The honorary degrees that I give have enormous value. Those who got their doctorates from various universities must consider if they really sought that degree for themselves or for the sake of the world. Did you get a degree at the sacrifice of witnessing? Did you get a Ph.D in witnessing for heaven?

You should be shedding tears to understand God's sorrow and grief. God has even been accused by Satan. You should really sympathize with God's heart and his desire for the True Nation.

Mr. Song will now become Secretary General of the Family Federation. You must educate your tribe. I asked you to work hard; you do not do enough. Now I expect you to represent me.

Rev.Kwak and Mr. Joo, please come forward. You have been like enemies. You must reconcile. This should be like an exchange marriage. One is from Kyeong Song province, and the other is from North Korea. You should become like a couple. One should bring results and the other should teach God's heart. Mr. Joo, you must be a good example to Kook Jin Nim (he is working so hard). Mr. Joo, you must complete the theological course through distance learning.

There must be an official speaker who speaks on my behalf. You must understand that my position now is different since the completion of the Crown of Peace. I am on top of the Universe. Pak Sa is the Ph.D degree. Some of you are requesting the Pak Sa, but if you do this it will be broken into pieces.

Originally the final Crown of Peace was to be completed on January 3. There was over 40 days; delay. Therefore we must shorten the next phase of time. Previously I gave you direction to mobilize 500 people from each district of Korea. If any leader can't do it, he must be replaced. We are now like a global family. During the next four years, we must be total unity in Korea. I told you to increase the members of the Ambassadors for Peace.

I said that WANGO must fulfill its responsibility. Where is Taj? Are you black or white? Your skin is black but you must guide white people freely. Taj means in Korean "foreign land." Black people and yellow people will challenge white people if white people do not fulfill their portion of responsibility.

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