Unification News for March 2005

Religious Leaders Visit Korea

by Rev. Jenkins

Dear Family,

True Parents teach that the road to peace is to be found through Interreligious dialogue, mutual respect and understanding. This leads to a common understanding that there are common truths and principles found in the Koran, the Bible and the Torah which can unite the family of Abraham. The education of the 8000 religious leaders in America is now creating a new foundation of unity among the various faiths. This will lead to unity and new hope for America and the nations of the world.

This is a time when our faith should be strengthened and our identity should be very clear as people of faith who have been chosen by God. This is the time when we should realize that we are walking the same path of trials and tribulation that the first Israel went through when they were called by God to trust Moses. At this time we are going through the same course in which we are called to have Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. This is our path. This path leads to the fulfillment of God's will and the protection of God's foundation. Through the second generation blessing here we can see that this "spirit" of faith and trust is now being inherited by our young people. It is greatly encouraging.

We are here in the Fatherland preparing for the gathering of 5th World Summit on Leadership and Good Governance. We are seeing that some of the world's key religious leaders are here to dialogue and find common ground to end the violence in the Middle East and throughout the world. Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh have prepared for this great conference in which True Parents will be honored on their Birthday by many key leaders of the world.

Religious leaders are coming forward in America and throughout the world. Thirty key leaders are now coming from America. Also, they are coming from most of the countries of the world.

We just had a most meaningful beginning with one key leader from the Middle East, together with Taj Hammad, Dr. Kaufmann and our IIFWP representative from Gaza.

The Islamic leadership is very serious to find the path through the Koran to bring peace on earth and fulfill the desire of God that we respect and love one another.

We had a very meaningful visit with the Imam's and leaders of the Seoul Mosque. (There are 100,000 foreign Muslims living in Korea and 30,000 Korean Muslims. The mosque (which is in Itae Won) was very large and traditional. Islam came to Korea through Turkey's participation as one of the 16 nations who fought in the Korean War. This foundation has grown since 1954.

We were very well received at the mosque. It was a deep experience. The mosque was packed and the plaza around the mosque completely filled in. The sheikh from Palestine was able to meet the sheikh from Korea. Our IIPC Ambassadors, Dr. Roberta Burson and Dr. Eric Richardson have done much in cultivating the religious leaders here. We met Imam Suleiman, Dr. Abdul Raziq, president of the Korean Muslim Federation (Dr. Sohn, Joo - Young) and Dr. Hee Soo Lee (Dr. Jamil) who are highly educated, prominent Muslim leaders. It turns out that the Sheikh and President Raziq (Sohn) were in Al-Azhar University in Cairo and were even in the same dorm together (about 30 years ago). It was a great meeting.

They are very open to the world of our True Parents. This is truly a great time in history. True Parents are asking for a greater World Peace Pilgrimage to the Holy Land to continue to support the process for peace based on faith and love.

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