Unification News for March 2005

1800 Couple 30th Blessing Anniversary

by John Doroski

On Sunday, February 6, 2005 the 1800 couples of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut gathered for their 30th year Blessing anniversary. The event was held at the Tarrytown Hilton from 11:30 AM to 4 PM. A elegant buffet featuring both a breakfast menu and a dinner menu was served. The tables were decorated with several dozen pink and red roses. A three-layer cake was baked by the creative sister who prepares the True Family's celebration cakes. Nanette Doroski spent a few weeks organizing this event, assisted by her daughters Simone and Charmaine, and Helen Alexander and Caroline Burkholder.

Over 50 adults and 20 second- generation children attended. This was the first year the second generation came with the intention of getting to know each other. Two couples sitting beside each other discovered one had five girls and the other had five boys -- ideal for matching discussions. Our guest of honor was Rev. David Kim, who although he is 90 years of age, addressed us with his fiery spirit. Rev. Kim is still working daily to assist our members on a one- to- one basis. Rev. Kim gave away representative copies of his 800- page Day of Hope books from the 1970s, with numerous photos and news clippings of Father's speaking tours and providential events.

The formal part of the program consisted of each couple giving a short testimony of their missions, their marriage and their children. Many attendees remarked how enjoyable it was to get to know more about each other. Some offered a song and many shared their heartistic appreciation of their match, especially how they had fallen in deep love with their spouse.

In 1975 three hundred members from the 1800 couples went out to 123 nations as foreign missionaries pioneering the beginnings of our worldwide movement; many of them are still in the foreign mission field and others are actively working to restore America. Many of the 1800 couples are working quietly in the background at special business missions and in all departments of our movement.

Currently Nanette is reaching out to all 1800 couples globally to create a testimonial book to be presented to True Parents and exchanged with each other. It would be appreciated if all 1800 couples worldwide could contact Nanette with their testimonials at soulmatemakeronline@yahoo.com; please label all correspondence as 1800 testimonials. A recent family picture, pictures at the time of your blessing and your children with ages mentioned is also desirable.

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