Unification News for March 2005

For Wives And Future Wives

by Jim Stephens

I want to share with all the sisters, wives, and future wives a resource which I believe is incredible for how to understand the way to treat a man if you want him to love you.

It's a book called "The Surrendered Wife" by Laura Doyle. Go right down to your local library and take out this book. If they don't have it, go to the bookstore and buy one. You can buy new or used on Amazon.

You can get a sample of it by reading the first chapter of the book on the author's website. http://www.surrenderedwife.com/chapterone.html

There are now groups of women meeting all over the country based on this book.

Especially for girls that are looking forward to getting matched, here is the single most important book you should read before the matching (other than True Father's words of course) so that you don't make the common mistakes that are going to turn off your future husband.

Wives, I recommend going to the website and taking the sample quiz to see how your relationship with your husband is doing according to the standards of Laura Doyle:Ê http://www.surrenderedwife.com/quiz.html

Sisters, if you are ever struggling with your husband, take a simple step now before it's too late. This book is filled with good tips that will help turn your marriage into the ideal that you want and deserve.

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