Unification News for February 2005

Song of Magdala

by Marilyn Roberts

The authors comments:

After reading the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, one of my coworkers came to me and said she really had a desire to read more about Mary Magdalene. I referred her to my recently published book called, Song of Magdala. The spirit is high now days with the desire to know more about this special woman -- special because she was able to live with and witness the love of Jesus of Nazareth first hand. In addition to knowing about Mary one may want to know other questions dared never asked. Questions like, what did she learn from Jesus, did she know things -- secrets about Jesus that are not in the Bible? As a woman, did Jesus share things with her that he didnít shared with others. How well did she know Jesus? If she could come back to us in the physical world, what could she tell us about Jesus that would deepen our relationship with him?

Song of Magdala reveals the true to life story of this historical and ignominious woman.

Learn the secrets of her life and read as she tells her story and point of view of the man called Jesus. The secrets that she reveals will bring you closer to Jesus as well as help your faith to rise to a higher level of understanding about his heart and the heart of God.

Contact songofmagdala@hotmail.com if you wish to order a book.  The cost of book is $11.99 and 4.99 for shipping and handling.

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