Unification News for February 2005

IIPC Holy Land

Fact finding tour in the Negev Desert

Responding to the generous invitation of MK Talab Elsana several ambassadors of peace couples set on a magnificent journey to the south of Israel.

Assembled in Jerusalem's cool morning we drove for an hour and a half accompanied by the rays of the winter sun. The Negev is blossoming during this time of the year.  Red flowers are seen here and there on  the light green grass covering the land. It  is hard to believe that we are in the desert especially when nearing the planted forest at Lahav.

Arriving at the Elsana home we were greeted by the whole family. We climbed up to the special guest room on the upper floor overlooking the surrounding  beautiful hills seen through the windows. Seated on mattresses, we were treated to tea, coffee, fruits and nuts followed by a lively discussion. We were trying to learn about the origin and structure of the Bedouin tribes, looking for similarities and differences in comparison to the early Israelite tribes.

Before long we were called down by the lady of the house to enjoy a most delicious lunch she had toiled to prepare for us. Friends and family gathered around the big table, as Dr. Ben Ami offered a heart touching blessing over the food. Here we had another chance to increase our understanding of the state of the Bedouins in the Israel and the acute side effects created by the modernization.

By the time lunch ended with treats and hot drinks we were all one big family with the friendliest children all over us.

Next was another trip, this time together with our hosting family to a traditional Bedouin tent camp further south. As dusk was falling our party was struggling to bid farewell. We felt there was so much more we wanted to share. We thanked our kind hosts for the meaningful day we could spend together.


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