Unification News for February 2005

Mountain high Happy New Year from ILTP

by Jesper B. Henriksen

The ten mobile teams of the International Leadership Training Program traveling from every corner of the US have arrived in Colorado for their New Year workshop amidst a beautiful Rocky Mountain setting.

They came from their field training with many testimonies of embracing and overcoming challenges, and of deep realizations through real experiences of God's love and of their own identity as God's son's and daughters.

Naturally ILTP's Southeast Asian members were concerned about the fate of their families, relatives and nations in the Tsunami disaster and some still need to connect with their homes. Thankfully so far it appears that none of their families were directly affected.

Public speech contest: W-CARP Division of Leadership Development and ILTP organized this workshop, which is aimed at letting ILTP members gain greater ownership over the program. The program contents revolve around Alignment to the Culture of Heart, the Family Pledge and a public speech contest, in which many hearts were moved by the passion and conviction of ILTP members.

"This workshop means a new beginning for me. Here I understand what it means to live my life for the sake of others." - Evgeny Martinov

"This is such an international program. At this workshop I have a new sense of ownership as a representative of my country. I am moved by those members who came to ILTP knowing only a little English; they came by faith.

I was first attracted to World CARP by its culture. Coming here, I notice the same culture. This workshop enables me to try to adopt the mindset of a true leader. I am learning how to respect others. I especially value the discussion groups. I can see the meaning of team work." - Sherefiah Tomlinson

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